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Niyamai Kitchen

42, Old Kesbewa Rd, Nugegoda

Another buth kadey that's easy on the wallet.

Recently I found myself sick and we decided to skip cooking because cooking on sick days is a definite no-no. So we did what we generally do whether we are sick or sick of my cooking -  we ordered in. Since our usual buth kade was closed, we opted to order food from Niyamai Kitchen, through Pickme Food Delivery.

Located at Old Kesbewa Road, Nugegoda, the delivery took only a few minutes to reach our home since we are just around the corner from them, which was plus point because we were ravenous and about to pass out with hunger (slight exaggeration). At first we were a little apprehensive about trying out a new rice and curry place because if you are a buth gulla ( a person who is very fond of their plate of rice and curry), you would like a good portion and good taste and by a good portion we don’t mean mountains of rice which is what your usual buth kadey gives you with a smidgen of various vegetables.

Rice & Curry

One of the good things about Niyamai Kitchen is, everything on their menu is basically Rs. 150 with the egg rice at Rs. 125. Which is very easy on the wallet. To start with - the normal rice and curry there was a meat item, whether it be your egg, chicken or fish with four different vegetables and there is a balance of vegetables to the rice, so that you aren’t left with only rice at the end.

Today's lunch consisted of gotukola mallun, long beans made mirisata (tempered with chillies), two pieces of chicken, potatoes with sprats, dhal and three pappadams. Overall the flavours had the right balance of spice, not too hot on the palate, neither too mild or bland. There was enough gravy,  the rice was neither dry or swimming in too much curry, but just the right amount for flavour and make it easy to swallow.

On the downside, the gotukola was ඔන්න මෙන්න (about to) going bad - we suspect the culprit was the pol included in the gotukola mallun and suggest bagging anything with pol (coconut), separately. The pappadam was also a sad state of affairs - hard and not crispy as pappadams should ideally be. The pappadam is easily the best part of the whole rice and curry deal for some of us and sadly this is where it wasn't very niyamai as their name denotes

We also ordered a Roast Chicken Fried Rice, which is basically a huge portion of wet fried rice, with a sweet and sour type of chicken and some chop suey, and it's nothing to write home about.


While there is room for improvement in the pappadam department, our overall experience has been good and we have enjoyed our now second lunch from Niyamai Kitchen. 

PS: Your lunch will arrive in a plastic box (another no-no, which we don't want to get into right now).

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