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Nom Nom Asia

No.58, Maya Ave, Colombo 00600

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Nom Nom Asia in Havelock Town is a restaurant that serves up some fantastic Asian dishes.




Be careful in placing orders via phone. You may ask for one thing and they give you another thing.
I ordered a Fish Head Curry which was on the menu published in the Face Book. When I went to collect it, I was given a Fish red curry. When informed of the mistake, they had no idea that Fish Head Curry was on the menu. The staff contacted the manager who informed them that if Fish Head Curry is required they need to be given 2 days notice. No effort was taken to rectify their error.
Also the staff at the reception wear their masks on the chin. Given the high rates of covid 19 in the area, this is another sign of irresponisiblity of this organization.

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No.58, Maya Ave, Colombo 00600


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