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Oshella – Homemade Goodness


Oshella is a home cook who specializes in chocolatey desserts. Literally everything we tried was excellent, but her eclairs in particular were the best we've had in Colombo.




We decided to brighten up what turned out be a rather wet and gloomy Friday afternoon by ordering Oshella's home made eclairs.

First the logistics: the ordering process was smooth and more importantly, the delivery was on time. Kudos to the chap who blitzed the delivery from the sticks to Colombo- quicker than a "Quickee" and speedier than a "speedy".

We decided to order the eclairs after Yamu's internal reviewer, Bhagya, called them the "the best we've had in Colombo". I beg to differ young Bhaggy, the eclair itself, to be honest, was on the whole a bit underwhelming. Surprising given that the individual components were quite nice; the layer of chocolate, though a tad bit too thin was lovely, the choux dough was nice and light and the cream filling was quite fabulous. A conundrum indeed. Perhaps the Bhagster was right and we just got unlucky.

Will definitely give it another try.

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