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Oven Geeks

104 A, Templers Road, Mount Lavinia

Oven Geeks is a family restaurant tucked away on Templers Road in Mount Lavinia. The food and ambiance is decent and it’s the sort of place you rely on when you’re in the mood to hangout with your friends and grab a quick meal.

Oven Geeks is a family restaurant tucked away on Templers Road in Mount Lavinia. The food and ambiance is decent, and it's the sort of place you can rely on when you're in the mood to hangout with your friends and grab a quick meal.

Food & Service

A hospitable and friendly duo runs the place and with no extra hands. You'd expect the food to take a while, but more often than not dishes were at our table in about 15 to 20 minutes. It’s a mix between self-service and dine-in so on the bright side there aren't any service charges or other taxes, you simply order at the counter and head up stairs while they get cracking on your food.

As their name suggests, most of their bread is baked fresh. However they serve a lot more than sandwiches and burgers and dish up everything from sausage and mash, salads for the healthy herbivorous crowd, pastas and lasagnes. We tried their chicken and bacon baguette, hunters chicken, smoked salmon salad and to top it off a rather generous portion of cheesy chips with chicken sausages.

Their chicken and bacon baguette for Rs. 400 came with no sides, and it certainly satisfied my ravenous pit, but I wouldn't call it amazing. It was good, 'nuff said. The hunters chicken (Rs.550) which came with bacon, barbecue sauce and chips on the side was a disappointment given the small serving of chicken compelling an otherwise good dish to rely on its chips.

On the other hand their cheesy chips and sausages, and their smoked salmon salad really hit the spot. The cheesy chips certainly betrayed my waistline, but I betrayed it gladly. Guilt struck soon however and I tried the salad to atone for my sins. The salad accompanied with a generous serving of salmon and capers was fresh and packed a punch. For once I was glad to eat my veggies.

Most of their salads are priced at around Rs.300, which I felt was worth it.

Their dessert takes the cake. Pun intended. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on their Eton Mess at Rs.300 we reckon it was well worth your wait. The scrumptious layers of crunchy meringue, cream and blueberries are what we fight wars for. It’s a little hard to get at dinnertime though because orders during the day finish their stock.

Nevertheless, if you miss out on it you can settle for their cookie dough and ice cream, which is good although it can’t hold a candle to the Eton Mess.


Though it does look dark and empty from the outside, the inside is neat. It’s the ideal place for students; there’s a cosy looking place to kick back and relax as soon as you enter, accompanied with a tiny bookshelf and even a couple of quick board games for those of you who'd rather interact with each other rather than your smartphones. If you're by your lonesome, or would prefer to unwind there’s Wi-Fi available to browse while you wait for your meals. Right behind the counter is an open kitchen, which means you’ll hear chips sputtering in the fryer and dishes being popped into the oven as you wait for your order on the floor above.


It’s worth the trip, just don’t go expecting too much. It’s ideal for school kids and university students looking for a place to hang out, and the Eton Mess comes highly recommended. The food is good, and for three meals, one side, four desserts and water our bill came to Rs. 3140 which great value for money.


104 A, Templers Road, Mount Lavinia


Directions - Turn into Templer’s Road from Galle Road and continue until you reach Keels to your right. Oven Geeks is just past it on Templers Mawatha.


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This place has closed down

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Meats Beef Chicken Fish And Chips Cakes Bites

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