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Pages & Coffee

78A Stratford Avenue, 6 Colombo

A great place to sit and enjoy some organic coffee amongst loads of books.

Pages and Coffee, although new to Stratford Avenue isn't particularly new to the cafe scene in Colombo. Going by the same name, Pages and Coffee was located in Rajagiriya back then.

Upon finding out that they have relocated, we at YAMU decided that it was time we paid another visit. 


The ambience at Pages and Coffee is a mix of many things, many things that ultimately converge into being straight out of a storybook. From the colourful ribbons outside to the Enid Blyton book styled chairs (you know, the wooden ones with the curve on the backrest), it's a haven for those of you who grew up with fairy tales because that's essentially what fits the bill on this. 

Cosy with lots of books to melt into, Coffee and Pages had nailed the ambience and we're in love with it.

The Food 

The food menu at Pages and Coffee ranges from a few mains, a couple of salads (that weren't available on the day we went), plenty of coffee and a bunch of other snacks to munch on.

This is the Creamy Chicken Toast (Rs.520) on roast paan. Having already eaten when we came, we didn't think we would be able to eat anything. But, this changed everything. Warm, cheesy and coupled plenty of chicken bits to go around, this was one of the nicest takes on toast we've had. Plus, the roast paan had this gorgeous flaky crunch to it - that makes everything so, so much better.

The slight bitter hints off the roast paan added that final oomph to make it perfect. For Rs. 520, it's a steal. If you're looking for something that's warm, creamy and not all that filling (so you'll have more space for more food), we suggest going with this.

 Since we're done with swooning over the toast, we'll move on to the main, the Spicy Tuna Sub (Rs.650). The server informed us that there was already pepper and chilli in it, so we didn't want more spice in it. But, given the fact that it carried a very mild amount of spice, we'd suggest getting some more spice. 

Let's start with the fries. Thin, slightly burnt in some areas and dusted with a sheen sprinkle of salt, they carried a very homemade touch to it, which was all right we guess. 

The Salad on the side was wonderfully fresh. Carrying slightly tangy, garlicky tinges throughout it was, like the fries, all right.

The sub, on the other hand, was a whole other story. Wonderfully soft with a super fine crunch on the edges, fresh and going perfectly with the tuna filling, the bun was one of our absolute favourite parts of this dish. The filling turned out to be a thick slather of mashed up tuna, creamed up to the perfect accompaniment of the crunch of the bell pepper. 

Then came the Blue Margarita (Rs. 450). Sweet, icy cold and absolutely refreshing, this went perfectly with the toast. And being someone who doesn't generally like Blue Margaritas because of how sweet it could get, I was very much surprised at how nice this was. Sure, it was sweet, but it wasn't overpoweringly sweet and the salt helped a great deal.

The Iced Latte (Rs. 480), coming in a pretty large helping of a mason jar, was icy cold and beautifully milk with hints of coffee running through. Silky smooth, it is the perfect getaway from the Colombo heat. We should warn you though, it doesn't have any sugar in it, but they do give you a helping of sugar syrup if you're looking for it. 


In terms of Service, the staff was quite good. Unobtrusive, but checking to see if everything was okay, they were great. Plus, they managed to bring our food within 10-15 minutes of ordering. 


We liked it. Our experience this time around was heaps better than the last time and we do see ourselves going back! 


Try the Hot Chocolate. They have odd hours so better check before you go. Also, they do not accept cards, only cash.


78A Stratford Avenue, 6 Colombo


It's at the end of the lane right opposite Green Cabin on Cotta Road.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Pasta Burgers Coffee


Fast Food

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