PappaRich (Nawala)

No 488, Nawala Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

An exciting range of authentic Malaysian food.

PappaRich is an international franchise that excels at the preparation of exquisite Malaysian cuisine. Their second outlet in Sri Lanka is now at Nawala, and has an arsenal of exciting options that promise to deliver. 

An extensive and colourful menu, if you're a first-timer, having one of the staff members to assist you with recommendations will be helpful. 


We opted for the Curry Laksa (Rs. 1,100) and the Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang (Rs. 1,200).

The Curry Laksa came with a hefty portion that could easily feed two and it was definitely gorge-worthy. Plenty of noodles in the fray along with a plethora of exciting ingredients like long beans, bean curd puff and fish cakes, it is definitely worth every rupee you spend.

The gravy, almost taking a broth like structure, packed a punch of flavour, and had a tinge of spiciness to it, complementing the meal perfectly and adding the perfect finishing touch. The laksa is easily a must-try at PappaRich and we'd definitely go back just for this. 

The Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang had a most relishing portion of coconut milk infused rice, that, when paired with the beef rendang was a downright delight. The beef was tender and nicely prepared, with a thick slathering of gravy. It also consisted of peanuts and fried sprats (yes!), cucumbers and a half of a boiled egg.

However, it lacked the same spiciness that the laksa had, so if you're one of the people who are used to having your food spicy, it might feel slightly bland. 

For dessert, we went with the famed ABC Special With Ice-Cream (Rs. 550), which was basically shaved ice-cream with a multitude of other ingredients. Consisting of a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, peanuts, what we assume, and tasted just like kidney beans and an assortment of various jellies and other ingredients. Unfortunately, it did not live up to its hype, although, being a dessert, it was quite filling. 

Pictured above: (Left to Right) Milo Dinosaur, 3 Layer Iced Tea and Iced Lemon Honey

We all love eating Milo powder, and it is this craving that has been capitalised upon in the Milo Dinosaur (Rs. 400). A little mountain of Milo powder atop a Milo drink, the Milo Dinosaur is a pretty basic drink, and we would've liked it better had it been more chilled. It had a sort of lukewarm feel to it, which was not appealing in the least.

The Iced Lemon Honey (Rs. 400) was basically chilled lemon juice with slices of lemon adorning the bottom of the juice. It had just a slight tinge of the lemon-y flavour but was quite relishing.

The 3 Layer Iced Tea (Rs. 450) was magnificent in its looks, but the same could not be said regarding the taste. The black tea sort of overpowered all the other flavours, and after mixing, the sweetness the palm sugar was supposed to give out is not highlighted, presenting us with a slightly bitter concoction. 

Ambience and Service

Papparich's new branch has a small outdoor area and also a pleasant little indoor area which is comfy but also might feel slightly cramped if there is a huge crowd. 

The staff, of course, were simply marvellous and very friendly; if you're in need of any help, be it with the menu or anything of the sort, they're always ready to assist you. 


There aren't many places in Colombo that make a successful attempt at crafting up authentic Malaysian cuisine, and PappaRich is undoubtedly amongst the top establishments. Their mains are quite amazing, and totally worth the money you spend for an exciting experience. 


No 488, Nawala Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


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More than Rs.1500

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Rice Noodles Ice Cream Milkshakes



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