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The Gallery Café

No. 2, Alfred House Road, Colombo 3.

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The Gallery Cafe is one of those perpetually hip spots in Colombo. The ambience is one of a kind and the food is consistently good, but it will leave a dent in your wallet.




The Gallery Cafe is one of those places in Sri Lanka which was a unique place for me to experience Fine dining food. BUT yesterday I had to go through an unpleasant situation with them. I called in advance and spoke to their reservations person “Neethi” and told him that I would be celebrating my anniversary in their restaurant so he suggested that the dessert would be decorated and would have a wording depicting “Happy Anniversary” BUT he forgot to convey the message and as we got to the dessert there was nothing special just their usual dessert which we ordered “Chocolate Nemesis” in which the peach coulis was off which leads me to believe that the sauce bottles are not changed daily. For the starters we ordered “Grilled Prawns with Rocket Aioli and Batter Fried Whitebait”. They advertise whitebait on the menu which comes at a price of Rs. 995/=, but they served the local fish which was Handallo which was deceiving but the charges were still the same. Even the server admitted that it was Handallo and not Whitebait. For the Entree we ordered “Chicken with Bacon and Butterfly Prawns with Coconut Risotto”. In both the starter and the Entree, the Prawns were way over cooked, and the Risotto was dry. Clearly it was not cooked to order instead microwaved. I called them and spoke to their manager Ashan and he told me that this is the first time something like this was happening. When I mentioned that their reviews say otherwise, he was saying that the reviews are just reviews. Clearly, he does not care about the customers. I also acknowledged that they have a special place towards foreigners but not the locals. After explaining all of this to Ashan he took my number telling that their owner will contact me which never happened. I feel sorry as this place has so much potential to be the best restaurant in Sri Lanka instead I was totally disappointed, and our special date was ruined.

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No. 2, Alfred House Road, Colombo 3.


From Duplication Road, turn right down Queen's Road, turn right on Alfred House and there you are. From Galle Road, turn up Alfred House Gardens.


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Open 10 AM to Midnight


Fine Dining

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More than Rs.1500

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