Park Street Mews Restaurant is one of those select few that have managed to remain relevant and maintain high standards throughout the past few years. They haven't changed much at all, but we're fine with that since the food is excellent, the service is fast and the unorthodox setting is still quite chic.

The Food

Many things need to come into play for a restaurant to be a continued success, but the most important of all is consistency, and few have been as consistent as the Park Street Mews Restaurant. What we love is the fact that they haven't had to make a ton of changes stay in the game.

That being said they have introduced some popular value meals like their three-course executive lunch for Rs. 1200. This seems to be what everyone goes for during lunch and while the portions aren't quite as large, it's still a killer offer. For their regular stuff the prices are on the higher side, though the portions are still very generous, so expect to pay around Rs. 2000 per head.

From their starters we picked the baked crab gratinated with parmesan (Rs. 825), which is honestly filling enough to be considered a main, but hey, it was delicious so it's definitely not a complaint. It's accompanied by a fresh mixed salad which is welcomed contrast from the creamy richness of the baked crab. We've found that restaurants tend to cut corners when it comes to dishes with crab meat but that was definitely not the case here. The layer of gratinated parmesan also added nice differentiation from the smooth texture of that crab meat.

For our main we went with the slow cooked pork in soy and aniseed (Rs. 1650), served with mashed potatoes on bed of sauteed okra. This one was also on point in terms of flavours and nearly perfect in terms of texture as well. The pork which was prepared as a roulade was cooked beautifully for the most part but we did find the center to be just slightly chewy, but this is me being very picky. Another thing we appreciated was the fact that we could actually taste that soy as oppose to it just being a line in the description.

To wrap up we tried the white chocolate and yoghurt soup with strawberry sorbet (Rs. 525). Don't be too confused about the yoghurt soup part, since it's pretty much just melted yoghurt. That being said, it does marry very well with the fresh strawberry sorbet and strawberry slices. The only real complain with this one was the fact that the white chocolate flavour didn't really register on our palate.

Ambience & Service

The ambience at PSM has remained all but unchanged, but it's still one of the better looking and unique restaurants in the area. They manage to strike a balance between rustic and modern in terms of interior decor, with lighter colour palates of grey, green and off-white. At the back they've also got a some comfy looking couches for those looking to grab a drink and chill.

Last week when we dropped in at Curve, which is next door and run by the same management, we weren't very happy with the service. This time around, however, they were back on track with well paced service and attentive waiters, who were always on the floor.


Park Street Mews restaurant is one of the few that we can keep recommending because we know that they consistently serve excellent food. With budget friendly additions like the executive lunch deal, we think they're moving in the right direction.


Explore the shops and cobblestone street nearby. Oh and they actually have a decent WiFi connection.

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8 AM to 11 PM everyday
From Vihara Maha Devi (along Dharmapala Mawatha) turn down Park Street. If you go all the way to the roundabout and turn left there's parking.

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