188 W. A. Silva Mawatha, Colombo 06

A restaurant down W.A Silva Mawatha, specialised in Indian and Sri Lankanised Chinese fare.

While taking a stroll down W.A Silva Mawatha in Wellawatte, we came across the ParkBay, a new resto that's specialised in Indian and Sri Lankanised Chinese fare.


Aside from the above, ParkBay also does a few fast food items, like Submarines and Burgers, as well as a few Shawarmas, Pastas and the likes.

We were pleasantly surprised by the ParkBay Special Seafood Rice (Rs. 900). Surrounded by a heap of devilled seafood, the rice was fluffy, aromatic and well seasoned. The seafood was devilled to perfection, with the right balance between sweet and sour.

Plentiful with prawns, cuttlefish and chunks of mushroom, carrot and spring onions, one needs no other curry or a side dish to eat this rice with.

The Chicken Chettinadu (Rs. 750) had about four hefty pieces of chicken, dunked in a goopy, thick gravy, and was packed with spices and herbs. It was delicious, but we sort of missed that oily touch in it.

We paired the Chettinadu curry with some Butter Naan (Rs. 150) and Cheese Naan (Rs. 200). 

Served warm, the Butter Naan had the promised buttery touch, and the right touch from the tandoor.

The Cheese Naan was served warm too but wasn't as impressive as the Butter Naan. They seem to have embedded a couple of cheese slices here and there to deliver on the cheesy content.


In terms of drinks, ParkBay does smoothies, milkshakes and juices. We got a Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 300) and a Watermelon Juice (Rs. 250).

Chocolaty, milky and absolutely creamy, the Chocolate Milkshake was a good one. It was a tad sweet too, probably because of the chocolate syrup, but we didn't mind.

The Watermelon Juice was fantastic. Refreshing as hell, it had the natural flavours of the watermelon seeping through.

Ambience & Service

ParkBay has a comfy, almost cafe-like atmosphere, which we enjoyed very much. Coupled with their friendly and polite service, it was a good experience.

However, we felt a tad unsafe as most of their staff members weren't wearing masks. 


ParkBay is an affordable option to grab some good quality food in the area. Their portions are sharable too, so you can easily survive under Rs. 2500 for a two-person meal here.