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Pastamania (One Galle Face)

No 6, Level 5, One Galle Face Malle, Colombo

Pastamania serves a range of authentic Italian food, and they're now open at One Galle Face!

Pastamania has always been a beacon for Italian treats, and the outlet at One Galle Face turned out to be no different.  

Having an extensive menu that covered all sorts of Italian dishes including pasta, pizza, gelato and pretty much everything, one of the most arduous tasks is selecting what you would want to have.  

The Food

The pasta in the Sea Food Zuppa (Rs.1000) was cooked al dente and was heavenly when paired with the broth. One of the interesting aspects of Pastamania is the fact that they allow you to choose the type of pasta that you prefer your dish with, and we opted for the linguine.

The pasta isolated from the broth doesn't taste as good and slightly bland, while the broth is perfect. Not too thick, slightly watery, each spoonful bursts with the seafood flavour. There was just enough seafood to pass, leaving nothing to complain about.

The aroma that wafted from the pizza was as satisfying as the pizza itself and adorned with various sorts of meat, we got down to wolfing it down immediately. The Large Meat Lovers (Rs. 2,100), like its name suggests, had an assortment of chicken, sausages and beef pepperoni, which blended together in perfect harmony to present the diner with a very pleasant experience.

The beef pepperoni was a bit too on the crispy side though, which sort of stole the beefy flavour away from the pizza. The pizza was also as cheesy as you could get, and we loved that aspect.

*Pictured above - Rosehips and St. B Quencher (left) and Italian Soda (right)

The Italian Soda (Rs. 380) was basically a tinge of lemon and passion fruit-infused into the soda, and this simple concoction, a little too on the sweet side, was an instant favourite. The Rosehips and St. B Quencher (Rs. 500) was also a little on the sweet side and gave off a very sweet strawberry flavour. 

Service and Ambience

The ambience pretty much followed the basic lines of all the food outlets at OGF, but somehow Pastamania has succeeded in infusing their own personal touch to it, and it looks lovely, with one side of the wall decorated as an opening to an Italian shop.

The staff are friendly and accommodating and quite efficient; our order was at the table faster than we expected.


Although the prices might be somewhat steep, the food at Pastamania is amazing and quite worth every rupee you spend on it. The staff are great and will help you with anything you want, and if you're looking for some genuine Italian food, you know the place to go to. 


No 6, Level 5, One Galle Face Malle, Colombo


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Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Gelato Pizza Waffles Smoothies

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