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Poonie's Kitchen

63, Pedlars Street, Fort, Galle

Poonie's Kitchen is a wonderful hidden oasis in the Galle Fort. They serve high quality desserts and deliciously prepared dishes at surprisingly good prices.

When in Galle, you eat. Well you try to, that is. There are a ton of restaurants to pick and choose from. In most cases they're a ripoff and adverse to locals in terms of ambience and service, but sometimes you'll find a good on hidden amongst the rest. Poonie's kitchen isn't exactly a hidden gem, but it's a good find all the same. 


To get to Poonie's you have to cross through the Mimimango clothing boutique. It's a bit awkward, but what to do. The restaurant is secluded with lots of artful pieces of decor strung about, interesting knickknacks plastering the walls, doors and all other available surfaces save for the tables. 

The place has lots of cool and warm tones in perfect sync so it's a very photogenic spot. Rustic elements like painted/scratched wood play a huge role in contributing to the ambience here. 

What I disliked immensely was the pond. They've got a pond with a bunch of koi fish in it. It isn't exactly a cramped space, but these buggers are hungry as hell. You can't even walk up to it without having a whirlwind of gasping mouths hitting the surface, which actually makes you wonder if these fellows are fed (I'm sure they are) - but all in all, it's a bit of a depressing scene. It was to me, at least. 

The Food

In our last review, we covered quite a few dishes and had a fairly good experience. Unfortunately due to time constraints, we had to dine and dash; so I picked Sudantha's Famous Thai Prawn, Pumpkin & Coconut Soup servied with Brown Village Rice (whatever that means). This cost me Rs. 1210 inclusive of taxes and service charge. If you don't like prawns, you can opt for the chicken version instead. 

This is a really hefty portion of what is essentially Thai coconut curry and red rice. I was a bit puzzled at first because my ignorant islander-beliefs insinuated that the 'soup' was gravy, and therefore was way too much in comparison with how much rice they had served. Then I realized that this place functions according to Western standards, and things like eating gravy as if it were soup is a totally normal thing to do. So I did that. 

It felt a bit strange sipping on gravy out of a spoon, but this is called soup so it's okay. The texture was creamy and spice content was next to nil which was fine. My gut doesn't allow me to indulge in spice without having to die first, so I'm okay with bland things. Like my jokes. You get a good prawn-to-soup ratio here with about 10 fat prawns soaking in all that coconut and whatnot. There are a few chunks of fish floating away as well. 

The rice added a nice, earthy touch to the wole dish and essentially tied the whole thing together. It was cooked well, boasted a rich, nutty flavour and makes for an enjoyable texture-change. Alternate between a few spoonfuls, or just pour the gravy soup over your rice for your convenience. 


There's nothing to complain about here. The staff are trained to not bother you, which is great because this is a great spot for reading a book. They're in close range to guests, so just flag a server down if need be. They also provide you with a bottle of iced water (on the house) and will give you good recommendations on what to get based on what you feel like having. 


I really wish I could have tried more of their dishes, but alas. It could not be so. Their Carrot Cake is supposed to be the best you'll ever have. It's freshly baked and looks WONDERFUL, so try to bag a slice if you're ever in Galle. 

Overall, I'd say Poonie's is worth a visit, but make sure you've scoped out other options around Galle as well, before deciding on lunching here. 


Try not to spill sugar on the table when you're sitting outdoors, unless you like being visited by ants!


63, Pedlars Street, Fort, Galle


This is just a few feet from Pedlar's Inn Cafe - you have to walk through two sets of doors (through the Mimimango shop) to get to Poonie's.



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Open 10.00AM to 6.00PM


Western Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Seafood Brownies Cakes Sandwiches Tea

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