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No. 41, Horton Place, Colombo 07

PR is the fashion extension of Paradise Road on Horton Place. They have a really interesting and local collection of designer wear, which is great if you can afford it.

PR is the new, fashion-oriented extension of the Paradise Road brand onto Horton Place. They have charmingly curated stuff, for a price.

PR is the next generation of Paradise Road. It is a 'fashion concept store', meaning it stocks clothes, jewelry, bags, accessories and some fancy soaps and grooming items. It's pretty expensive but you get what you pay for, in this case creative design and a lot of unique items.

The Stuff

PR has items for men, women and kids. The body of the store is women's items - clothes, jewelry and the like. The clothes include their own designs (Maus by Annika Fernando - look out for the wonderfully billowy parachute skirt) as well as those of local and international designers. It's all quite unique and creative (and expensive). They have beautiful stone rings pushing Rs. 25,000 (Papillon du The by Saskia Fernando), necklaces from Ayne Nalir for Rs. 50,000 upwards, etc.

Some other notables we saw were these tuna fish skin leather wallets and shoes (Rs. 18,000 for the shoes, I think the wallet was Rs. 9,000, not sure). Sounds weird, I know, but they actually looked really cool. A really innovative use of materials.

On the mens side they have a lot of quality stuff but again, it ain't cheap. They have a good selection of stuff from Tuktuk, ranging from t-shirts to shirts to bags. The clothing is mostly pushing Rs. 7,000, as far as I saw. They also have Friskybox socks (Rs. 675 a pair).

In addition to what I've mentioned they also have kids clothes and soaps and other fancy things.

The Location

It's nice that PR and the Saskia Fernando Gallery are right next to each other. It's nice to look at art but you're not always looking to buy. Now you can look at the art and buy arty objects next door. In my memory, one of my favorite things about going to the art museum was going to the gift shop, and this is a bit like that.

Horton Place is pretty happening (Coffee Bean and Gerard Mendis are nearby, as is the JDA Perera school and gallery.


The service is quite good and knowledgeable about the somewhat esoteric wares. They also don't follow you around and are there as much as they're needed, which is nice.


PR is the fashion extension of Paradise Road on Horton Place. They have a really interesting and local collection of designer ware, but it ain't cheap.


Check out the fish skin leather. Pretty cool.


No. 41, Horton Place, Colombo 07


PR is next to the Saskia Fernando Gallery on Horton Place. Coming up from Nelum Pokuna, it's after Coffee Bean and before Wijerama Mawatha.


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