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Pulse & Beet

Delivery only

A cloud kitchen with excellent black pork curry, delicious wraps and vibrant food bowls.

Pulse & Beet, with its incredible black pork curry, vibrant food bowls and mouthful wraps, set the bar so high for the cloud kitchen scene in the city. Located down Perahera Mawatha in Colombo 03, this delicious spread is available for delivery and takeaway.

How To Order

Their menu is on Instagram and the website, and once you've decided on what to get, simply drop a WhatsApp text to +9477 9074686. You can also check whether you're within their delivery radius of PickMe Food. We placed a direct order, and it was processed efficiently and smoothly.


Pulse & Beet has an impressive collection of soups, salads, wraps, and food bowls that take inspiration from the Japanese culinary world. The majority of them are emphasized on healthy living. 

This is the Furikake Salmon Bowl (Rs. 1799). Featuring a hefty fillet of finest salmon dressed in Furikake sauce, it also had a serving of fluffy basmati rice and a bed of veggies made with shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, scallions, and avocado. 

The salmon was done brilliantly. Boasting a gorgeous orange hue, it was of high quality, and perfectly encapsulated the seafood-y goodness, the essence of the grill, and the tangy, spicy Furikake sauce. With fresh veggies soaked in the same sauce, this bowl of food is a good one to refuel yourself post-workout.

Pulse & Beet's Black Pork Curry absolutely spectacular. It's easily among the top three black pork curries we've had in the city (PorKen Deli, VOC Cafe (Dutch Burgher Union and now Pulse & Beet, but not in that particular order). Priced at Rs. 1299, this one comes with some sliced up pol rotis, and a side salad. 

The sheer amount of spices, the perfect marination and the slow cooking have certainly worked their magic here. Each and every piece of pork was wrapped in a thick paste of well-grounded spices, to create that alluring dark colour, irresistible aroma, and rich flavour.

The flavour itself is well-carved into the soft, succulent meat, so every bite is a piquant burst. You'll find only a few teeny tiny fatty bits in the mix. 

It's a generous portion too, but hey, just because you can share it, doesn't mean you should. The pol roti chips were light and tasty, while the side salad was a colourful assortment of onions, cucumber and tomato.

The Spicy Chicken Wrap had a lot at play. With chopped up chicken thighs marinated in a mildly spicy sauce, grilled bell peppers, grilled onions, iceberg lettuce, shredded cheddar, tomatoes, cilantro leaves and guacamole, it's one bulky wrap. The tortilla roti was thin and managed to hold everything well. 


For a cloud kitchen, Pulse & Beet has got every element right. The menu is quite unique, the food is phenomenal, fairly priced, and the delivery process is not too complicated. The packaging clearly states what's inside and proper instructions on reheating them before consumption, which is quite helpful. Do try them out!

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