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2B De Fonseka Road, Colombo 5

Qbaa is one of the more mature bars in Colombo, and they also house a fully fledged restaurant which is actually pretty great.

Qbaa is one of the more mature bars in Colombo, and they also house a fully fledged restaurant which is actually pretty great.

The Bar & Drinks

While it does have a separate restaurant Qbaa is still a bar at its core. A couple of years ago it used to be one of the most popular spots, especially if you were a fan of live music. Nowadays the crowds are a lot less but the music, on the day we went, was still pretty darn good.

The bar itself is spacious, with barstools, tables and couches for seating. It’s also good if you’re not a fan of people constantly taking pictures of themselves since the place is very dimly lit.

The bahama mama (Rs. 780) is a mix of white rum, red rum and coffee liqueur, which makes for a hell of a cocktail. This was easily one of the most alcoholic cocktails we’ve had at a local bar. It also tastes quite nice with the addition of a bit of pineapple. A couple of these and you’ll be feeling it.

For something a little low key we tried out the old fashioned (Rs. 700) which is a bourbon based, somewhat like a bourbon sour. This one wasn’t as strong as the bahama mama but if you’re a fan of whiskey you’ll probably like this one.

The Restaurant & Food

For a time we thought that Qbaa’s restaurant was closed but it's still open, but only for dinner. The menu isn’t very extensive but they do offer a good range of meats and seafood, with prices ranging from Rs. 800 - Rs. 2000, which isn’t too bad since the portions were actually quite large.

I find that a good bread basket can really set the mood for the rest of meal and the one we got at Qbaa was excellent. It wasn’t too fancy but all of it was warm and seemed freshly baked.

The broiled teriyaki lamb chops (Rs. 1400) came with a side of veges and saffron rice which makes it more than filling. The lamb was cooked somewhere between medium and well done with a good balance of seasoning. We would have preferred the teriyaki sauce to have been a bit thicker but it was fine in terms of flavour.

The mustard pork chops (Rs. 1200) were also very good. This one comes with four sizeable pork chops, slathered in a thick honey mustard sauce served with a smooth mash, boiled veges and a salsa. While the mash and the salsa were good complements to the dish, the real hero was the pork, which was tender and flavoursome with the honey mustard sauce adding a bit of sweetness.

We were pretty full by this point but we thought we’d give their blueberry cheesecake (Rs. 500) a shot, and we’re really glad we did ‘cause it was so darn good. The cheesecake itself was super smooth and creamy, but not too sweet. The blueberry topping was also legit. As in without a doubt one of the best we’ve had with a perfect sweet and sour balance.


Whether it be for a night out with some friends or a three course dinner, Qbaa will most likely leave you pleasantly surprised with interesting drinks, tasty food and pleasant ambience.


Try that cheesecake, you won't regret it.


2B De Fonseka Road, Colombo 5


From Dickman's Road, head west and turn down De Fonseka.


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