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4/5 has gained a lot of popularity over the past year as an online delivery option, and they now deliver from a bunch of new places.




This place is a scam. I ordered online with OTP bank authorisation code and got a confirmation from Quickee that my order is confirmed. My bank confirmed payment went through successfully from my credit card.

But quickee over the phone said they never received the payment and won't send the order until they receive the order. So I phoned my bank and they confirmed and even gave me the authorisation code for the transaction but still Quickee is making excuses saying that their computer system isn't working and they didn't receive the payment.

I have seen the other reviews now and it looks like they do this to others as well. If they don't get the online payment then why do they have the option to order online and waste my time?? Now i have to order from other places. Please avoid placing any order with these guys. I am going to make an official complain regarding this company.

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