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Ray Of Hope Sri Lanka

No 25, Railway Avenue, Maharagama.

Ray of Hope is a non-profit organization formed by a team of animal lovers with the primary objective of serving the homeless and helpless felines and canines in Sri Lanka.


Give a stray dog or cat a space in your heart and a forever home. Ray Of Hope Sri Lanka (ROH) has lots of lovely animals that need to be rehoused. If you are considering getting a pet, we suggest you adopt than get animals from animal mills because Ray of Hope has lots of cute doggies and kitties waiting for the right people to come along and whisk them away.

Ray of Hope is a not for profit organization which is headed by a team of animal lovers. Their work is four fold and they focus mainly on rescuing, feeding, vaccinating and rehoming stray cats and dogs. 

Adopting a pet has many benefits. Many stray animals have been rescued from horrific circumstances such as cruelty, neglect and abandonment, or perhaps their owners were unable to look after them due to illness or a change in situation. ROH staff work tirelessly to nurse animals back to health, rehabilitate disturbed animals and do everything they possibly can to ensure they are prepared to go to a new home.

By taking on the commitment and responsibility to adopting a shelter pet, you become an active agent towards solving the problem of overpopulation on the streets. Spaying and neutering animals is important in controlling the animal population. Many pets that aren’t spayed or neutered often contribute to the problem of unwanted animals, which can lead to more being left at shelters. 

If you are unable to rehouse an animal, you can always donate towards the extensive work ROH carries out. Every rupee is utilised to provide medication, care, vaccination, and food until they are rehomed. To donate, go here.


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi

For more information about the work they do contact the numbers we have provided or keep an eye on their FB page which is updated regularly. 

(Pictures taken from Ray of Hope)


No 25, Railway Avenue, Maharagama.


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