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57, Hospital Street, 00100 Colombo, Sri Lanka

The RePubLk has come through steadily since they opened a few years go. The quality of their food and drinks have managed to stay the same, but somehow they aren't as great as they used to be.




We (a group of 15 people looking to have a decent Friday night) had a similar experience last month. We walked in around 8pm and the waiter arranged a corner sofa upstairs for all of us ( in which we barely fit)…When we started ordering the food, he again insisted that we move downstairs because he suddenly realized there’s not enough space on the table for our food and drinks. We were initially reluctant to shift the entire group (of 15) downstairs because it was a hastle but then felt sorry for the waiter so we moved …However, a guy in a tie who we assumed was the manager threw the biggest fit because he had to rearrange the furniture for us and passed extremely rude remarks out loud. It was horrible service altogether, the food wasn’t so great and the drinks were such a rip off so in the end we just spent a thumping amount for such a bad experience.

Conclusions- never stepping into this place nor are we recommending it to anyone we know, till the management fixes its service !!!!!!

If anyone’s looking to hang out with a large crowd at Dutch hospital, steurt n co offers much better drinks n food and has really good service. Maybe republik could learn a thing or two from them!!!!

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57, Hospital Street, 00100 Colombo, Sri Lanka


On Hospital Road (behind Dutch), where Browns used to be.



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Closed right now

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Alcoholic Beer Cocktails Bites



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