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Revolution Colombo (Trillium Boutique City Hotel)

Rooftop ,7, No.210 Torrington Ave, Colombo 07

A Mexican-themed rooftop bar by Trillium Boutique City Hotel.

Perched on the rooftop of Trillium Boutique City Hotel, Revolution Colombo offers a vista of the Colombo city skyline and all its elegance. Coupled with brilliant food, drinks, chilled-out vibes and the impeccable service, it checks all the correct boxes in the best way possible. 

Food & Drinks

The menu at Revolution Colombo portrays the mastery of Mexico's finest flavours.

We started off with the Ceviche (Rs. 950), an assortment of seabass, avocado, salsa verde and mango. Every element here was well-executed, fresh and delicious. With a little bit of leafy, herby touch from the salsa verde, a sweet, sour and fruity note from mango, and a tinge of creaminess from avocado; all that were bound nicely to the raw slices of seabass. If you're looking for something light to kickstart your meal like we did, this is a good choice.

This Pollo Chicken (Rs. 1300) was exquisite. Neatly placed on a creamy bed of pumpkin and leek puree, it had two chicken thighs, grill-kissed to absolute perfection and was served with pickled red cabbage, cherry tomato and potato.  

The meat itself was succulent, juicy and soft, and we quite enjoyed catching a whiff of smokiness in it. There was a crispy outer layer to it, along with flecks of gently burnt areas that had been produced from the right touch of the grill. Plus, we quite appreciate the length they had gone for the beautiful presentation. 

Featured above is the Cerda (Rs. 1400); a slow-cooked pork shoulder served with buttered carrots and potatoes.

Tender and delicate to the bite, the pork was excellently prepared and broke off to chunks so beautifully. The meat was glazed with a sweet and salty sauce, and coupled with the porky goodness, it was sublime. 

As for our dessert, we got ourselves a portion of Churros (Rs. 750). Tossed in with sugar and dusted with cinnamon powder, this stack of golden brown churros was light, crispy and had a hearty middle. They offer some great strawberry and chocolate dips to pair them with. I'd prefer a little less sugar though, but hey, that's just me.

The Naranja Beer (Rs. 650) was pure sour bliss with a bit of ginger beer in it. Deliciously tart and sweet, it had orange and lime slipped in together, and the ginger kicks emerging through the drink enriched every single sip. We highly recommend this one if you're not too keen about the alcoholic side of things. 

The Pasión Ron (Rs. 1350) was the perfect sweet and sour storm in a healthy pouring of rum. Made with lime, cranberry and passion fruit, it was fruity too, but in a very balanced way so the boozy zing can keep it elevated. 

Ambience & Service

The view from here is obviously the main draw; you can easily get a panoramic 360 picture of the city. The sky, clouds, sunsets, trees, houses, people, skyscrapers, and other tall buildings; it's like a viewing deck to watch how the city is glamorously growing and glowing by day and night. And, there's so much more to it. The bright yellow colour walls, brick poles, rattan furniture and couches; all add up to form a rustic look while embossing a sprinkle of classy look into it. It's cosy, open and very pleasing to the eye. With the beautiful Spanish music playing in the background, we felt relaxed, amazed and surprised at the same time. 

If you fancy a dip in between/after your meal, Revolution Colombo provides that as well. It's more of an infinity pool which would allow you to look down the city with so much excitement and awe. A fee of Rs. 1500 should be paid for its usage, and it's redeemable on food and beverages. 

The service was exceptional. Our server was a friendly lady who guided us through the menu while not forgetting to make recommendations about their fast-moving dishes. 


Needless to say, Revolution Colombo has revolutionised the rooftop bar scene in Colombo. The service charges and taxes are included in the menu, so basically, what you see is what you pay. It's a place to unwind after a long day/week, and treat yourself to a luxurious meal, paired with breathtaking views, and welcoming service. We happily recommend. 

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I don’t know whether to lose faith in this place or to lose faith in this YAMU review… 🙊





I don’t know whether to lose faith in this place or to lose faith in this YAMU review… 🙊

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