Ridhi Silver Studio

74 Lauries Road, Colombo 4

Photos taken from Ridhi's Facebook page.

Ridhi has been saving my relationships since I was 16. For redemption, salvation and even those moments when you just want to show someone how much you care their simple, modern, inexpensive but high-quality(ie it lasts) jewelery is a great choice.

There’s a wide selection of chains from about Rs. 4000, earings set with moonstones from Rs. 1500, anklets for Rs. 2000, and a host of pendants embedded with semi-precious stones. There are sleek contemporary hearts and crescent moons as well as modern takes on more ornate Kandyan jewelry. Even if you’re intimidated by all the choice and have been burned by previous 'oh it doesn’t suit me' incidents remember that if it’s shiny and got stones its reasonably likely to be a hit

In all seriousness silver is a great gift. It will last. While flowers, chocolates and are more standard, in this bhudistic land these things convey transience more than anything else. Stones and metal however are more enduring a fact that most women are likely to appreciate.

Also of course jewelery is a very ancient part of this culture – Lanka had always been a land of stones - so if you must give in to the pressures of some absurd and dubious cooked up 'celebration’ - Valentines, etc. - at least go with a traditional gift.


Gotta say the selection on my last visit wasnt as good as it has been - this shop's hey day may well have been when it was located near the Lionel Wendt but its still worth checking out.


74 Lauries Road, Colombo 4


on Lauries road - turn left off Duplication road just after the Bambalapitiya junction. Near St Mary's Church.