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Ristorante Via Torino

Delivery only

A pizzeria in the cloud, by LUXE Colombo.

A heaven for gourmet cooks, LUXE Colombo now has expanded to a restaurant - the Ristorante Via Torino. At the moment, they're limited to delivery, but planning to set up a dining space soon. It specialises in delicious thin crust pizza, tossed in with premium, truly authentic ingredients.  

How To Order

You can check out their menu on Instagram, or on our menu section, and simply drop a WhatsApp text with the order to 0761336675. In our case, they responded quickly, and the order was processed smoothly. You can opt for cash on delivery, card on delivery or bank transfers. Plus, their delivery is absolutely free for locations within Colombo and suburbs.

The Pizzas

Ristorante Via Torino offers an impressive variety of pizzas, that capture the flavour goodness of many rich ingredients. We opted for two pizzas, with four toppings - Diavola (Rs. 2100) and Prosciutto Di Parma (Rs. 2900) on one, and Quattro Formaggi (Rs. 2100) and Cugine (Rs. 2800) on the other. The most expensive topping of the two is considered as the price point of each pizza. So in our case, it was a total of Rs. 5000 (2900 + 2800). 

Pictured above: Diavola (left) and Prosciutto Di Parma (right)

This pizza is a combination of Diavola and Prosciutto Di Parma. 

Thin at the centre and slightly raised at the edges, the crust here was chewy and had some crispy moments. They promise to deliver Neapolitan-style pizzas, but the edges here weren't exactly light, puffed out or airy as they should be. We didn't notice those beautiful lines of dark charred spots either.

Nonetheless, Ristorante Via Torino is quite generous with the toppings, so each bite is rich and flavourful. 

The Diavola is your good ol' Pepperoni pizza. Each slice had at least three pieces of pepperoni, placed on top of a thick blanket of mozzerella, creating a smoky, meaty, juicy treat. 

Piled high with lots and lots of rocket leaves, silky, salty parma ham, and a lovely sprinkle of parmesan, the Prosciutto Di Parma tasted good too. In fact, it was smokier than the Diavola and had a nice herby touch, as well as a little nutty note; all thanks to the parmesan.

Quattro Formaggi (left) and Cugine (right)

The Cugine half was an ensemble of Italian tomatoes, mozzarella, French camembert, Spanish chorizo and extra virgin olive oil. We loved how the elements and layers are well stuck to the crust, without sliding off. The thin slices of Spanish chorizo were quite smoky, and worked out well with the cheesy base. 

Combining the flavours of mozzarella, emmental, gorgonzola and scamorza smoked cheese, along with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, the Quattro Formaggi didn't disappoint. It was cheesy for sure, but there wasn't a significant character in its taste, despite the high-quality cheese at play. 


These pizzas by Ristorante Via Torino may sound a teensy bit expensive, but it's justifiable as they're packed with legit ingredients that has flown all the way from Italy. While they certainly do have room for improvement, esepcially in the crust department, our overall experience was a good one.



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More than Rs.1500

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Pasta Pizza

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