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Rock Island (Mirissa)

Mirissa Bay, off Matara Road, Mirissa

The rock island is basically a giant grassy land-mass in the ocean by the Mirissa beach - it's an amazing sight and an ideal spot to watch the sunset.

The 'rock island' is a really big rock on the shores of Mirissa. It's the best place to sit and enjoy the sunset or the view of the bay, or to take a private dip in the sea. 

On first glance, the rock looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie. It's a weird, magical looking land mass cropping out of calm bright blue Mirissa waves. 

You have to wade through a bit of water and climb up these steep rock steps to get to the top. On our visit half of the railings were gone so it's a bit of a near-death climb. Fun. 

Once you get to the top, there is this epic view of the perfection that is Mirissa's beach. This view is probably its best at sunrise. 

It's also a lovely space up here with quiet, naturally formed nooks and corners everywhere, to lazy around and enjoy the sunset or watch waves at high-tide crash against big rocks. It's very couple-friendly if you're on the beach stretch in the evenings. 

If you walk straight ahead over the rock and climb down the other side, you reach the rock pools. These are just naturally formed pools, separated from the ocean by bigger rocks. It's pretty much the best place ever to unwind. It's a tricky climb to get down here and get back up, and is usually not crowded at all, frequented by a few people at a time, and a few tiny crabs and blue fishies. We hope people keep it this way - please don't take all your aunties and uncles and cousins here if you're in Mirissa, the best part about the rock pools is how quiet and secluded it is. 

Just on the left of the rock pools is Mirissa's popular surfing point. You'll see loads of locals and foreigners on their surf boards here, braving the waves. If you're down South, you might as well learn to surf - check out our old post on surfing in Hikkaduwa or our video of surfing in Weligama

Mirissa's rock island is a must-visit if you're down South. Personally, I could spend all day on it. It's the best place to watch the sky and the ocean, and get some down-time away from the crowd and clutter of Colombo. 


Visit either at sunrise or sunset for the best views.


Mirissa Bay, off Matara Road, Mirissa


The Rock Island is on the beach stretch parallel to the Udupila junction in Mirissa. It's near Palm Villa and Sun Set Beach hotel.

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