Rohan's Bookstore (Liberty Plaza)

Ground Floor, Liberty Plaza

A bookstore with a surprisingly wide array of choices at Liberty Plaza's ground floor.

Walk around the ground floor of Liberty Plaza and get lost in the maze that it is, and you'll stumble across a full-length glass cabinet in the corridor stuffed with books. 

It's more of a closet really, reminiscient of the cupboard under the stairs, but filled with books instead of spiders and cobwebs. Best part is, you can find whole sets of books as opposed to just a random bit from a series. I know this is how bookshops are supposed to work, but that sadly isn't so in most of our stores here, most of which are in abysmal condition especially where choices are concerned.

We loved that they have books spanning from autobiographies to biographies, fantasy, self-help, pop culture, history, architechture, language, and basically nearly everything else you could think of. They'd got a small but good selection of fantasies which you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I've hunted for those books at Vijitha Yapa, M.D, and Sarasavi without avail. 

The books aren't cheap — they're standard prices, if not a bit more expensive by a couple of hundreds. Regardless, it's still a great nook for readers who want to nose around and get something different from the usual stocks piled in the mainstream stores.


Ground Floor, Liberty Plaza


Open until 07:00 PM

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