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Rusty Rhodes

Crescat Boulevard, 89, Galle Road, Colombo 03

Rusty Rhodes is a food stall in Crescat Boulevard and does some juicy, meaty, and filling burgers.

When it comes to quintessential American food, nothing is more iconic than a hamburger. And it's believed that Texans do it better than anyone else. Taking inspiration from all this, Rusty Rhodes is a burger joint that recently joined the food court at Crescat Boulevard

The Burgers

The burger range at Rusty Rhodes is comprised of a whole bunch of burgers made with beef and chicken. The patties are freshly grilled at the spot, upon ordering. 

This is probably one of the beefiest burgers you'll ever find in Colombo - the Fat Cow (Rs. 980). Tucked in between a soft, sesame garnished bun, lies two giant beef patties, topped off with two slices of cheese, and a pile of lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles at the bottom. 

It's a juicy, meaty mess. Well-grounded and lightly seasoned, the beef patties were good as they can get, while other elements in the mix did not stop its fresh beefy flavours from emerging through. 

With a bit of tartness from pickles and a good crunch from all the veggies, while the drizzle of chilli aioli mayo making everything better, we enjoyed this enormous burger. The only downer was the bun. Soft and airy, it didn't do a good job handling all that content in the burger and tended to get all soggy. 

This one is supposed to have honey BBQ sauce too, but we couldn't quite detect its flavour. 

The Orgasmic Burger (Rs. 990) featured two massive chicken patties to boot, chicken bacon and two slices of cheese, all sitting on top of a bed made of lettuce, onions, tomato and pickles, along with the drizzles of honey BBQ sauce and chilli aioli mayo. 

Incredibly juicy and soft, the chicken patties were excellently prepared and when you bring cheese into the mix, it becomes even better. However, we'd have liked it better if the flavours of the sauces and pickles were less dominating. They seemed to overpower the chickeny goodness of the patties with their potent tangy punch. 

Nonetheless, it's one filling burger, especially if you don't prefer beef. 

Other Stuff

Aside from burgers, Rusty Rhodes does submarines, wraps and rice-based dishes. 

Our Steak Guacamole Wrap (Rs. 680) had some wonderfully soft, slightly chewy slices of beef, rolled inside a crispy pita wrap, side by side with crunchy lettuce. It's the beef counterpart we enjoyed most, and we hardly got the taste of guacamole here.  

They do some good fries. The Apache Fries (Rs. 350 for Regular) were hella crispy, had a hearty middle and came with a good dusting of paprika and salt. It's a spicy, salty treat. 

Rusty Rhodes has a range of iced teas, and we went with the Passion fruit Iced Tea (Rs. 270). Refreshing, yet kinda too sweet for our liking, with hints of passion fruit syrup seeping through, it was alright. On the hot side, they do a good Milk Tea (Rs. 100). 


Catering to back-to-back orders does not seem to slow down the service at Rusty Rhodes. Our food arrived within around 15 minutes, and they're happy to make recommendations if you need any. 


Rusty Rhodes is a good pick for burger cravings. Street Burgers is one of our recommendations if someone is looking for the best burgers in town, and this is a close second. It's not a cheap option, but a delicious and filling one, so you totally get your money's worth. 


Crescat Boulevard, 89, Galle Road, Colombo 03


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Open until 10:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice Burgers Submarines Wraps



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I have tried this place! Totally delish





I have tried this place! Totally delish

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