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Saaraketha is probably the best-known supplier of organic produce in Colombo.

[Ed note: Saaraketha retail store down Ward Place doesn't exist anymore, but their products can be purchased at all the major supermarkets (Arpico, Keells, Laugfs, Cargills, Sparsrilanka), Lakpahana, Baker’s Choice, Bohemian Quest, CIC, and Nature's Corner. Aside from that, they also show up at the Good Market on Saturday from 9.00 am- 5.00 pm. Their factory outlet is located at the processing facility which is in Kaduwela. 

Saaraketha also does delivery, which is like their key feature, unlike most of the other suppliers. You can access their online store through Delivery is free for Colombo and its suburbs and available in major cities like Galle. For more information ring them at 077 436 77 92.]

Saaraketha is a big player in the local organic food scene, which has been around since 2008.


The shop is really very pleasant - windows all around, wicker baskets, and the veggies in nice neat board boxes, which is a nice change from the sight of produce all indelicately stuffed together in typical grocery stores. Everything looks appealing because of the cheerful set-up, and we were told that the stuff here is 'thrice-washed' which means they're ready to be eaten straight from the box. 

My favourite part was the adorable cartoons here and there, featuring quirky comments, cartoon farmers, and even answering important questions for people who are new to organic food. I can honestly say this is the first grocery shop where I wanted to just sit down and chill out with the veggies, like a weirdo. 

The shop is located on the premises of Streat360 , on a green lawn. So if you're here in the morning to pick up some fresh organic stuff, there are some lovely benches outside where you can chill and maybe enjoy a cup of tea from the restaurant next-door. 

The Stuff

Organic food is new to Colombo. Most of us are busy gorging on chemical injected junk food or at the very least, bundi-inducing rice and curry. But healthy food is slowly making its way into the local scene - besides Saaraketha (whose stuff you can also find at the Good Market ), Sahan Agro does organic produce too.

If you're new to this, organic food is basically cleaner - grown on exclusive farms, free from the chemicals, pesticides and preservatives that is in most of our food (which gives us health issues and turns us into obese Sri Lankan uncles and aunties). 

So you get mainly fruits, veggies, eggs and rices here, and they're also working on bringing in spices soon. We were told the prices are generally about 15-30% pricier than typical non-organic produce, but sometimes is the same price or even cheaper. The stuff here is grown on Saaraketha farms in Kirindiwela, Puttalam and Nuwara Eliya to name a few. 


We were excited about the little Wonderbar pudding/cake fridge here - it promises totally vegan, no-sugar desserts based on healthy ingredients like cashews and almonds. It was, of course, all gone by noon time, so we couldn't try - so if you want some, go early morning. We were told the Wonderbar lady makes this magical thing called 'cashewnnaise', which is like mayonnaise but with cashews instead (I don't get it, but I want it). 


Saaraketha is a great stop for quality organic produce, and has been a tried and tested choice for Colombo's health-conscious crowd. It's got a pleasant vibe that has managed to make veggies seem like a good idea, so if you're into organic, they're reliable. If you're too lazy to go there, they also deliver (Rs. 300 for delivery within Colombo). 


Go early at 9AM - stocks thin out in the afternoon.

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