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Saffron Kitchens (Hospital Street)

32 Hospital Street, Fort, Colombo 01.

A cute cafe-style buth kade that serves up some amazing rice and curry at a great price.

Hospital Street is slowly becoming one of my favourite streets. Even though it's infected with gross, shady catcallers and back alley bargainers for foreign currency it hosts some of the coolest new places to dine here in CMB. They also deliver, so give them a call on 0117664466 for orders.


They serve up a mean rice and curry lunch with a range of interesting side options. What's great is the fact that they serve both red and white rice and a range of fresh, homemade-style curries like gotukala, pollos, sizeable and well cooked portions of fish or chicken, and some crispy poppadoms on the side. Also shoutout to the biriyani offer they've got going on every Fridays for Rs. 225.

Check their facebook page for their Kidu giveaways and updates on new dishes. They've even got dishes like Dum Biriyani, Ghee rice, Nasi Goreng etc on order. 
The chicken rice packet we got cost us Rs. 210 which in my opinion, is a great price. They also serve Fish Rice (Rs.200), Egg Rice (Rs. 160) and Vegetable Rice (Rs. 160) respectively.


They've put up a little flyer advertising sweet treats that are for sale as well from Eclairs to Chocolate Biscuit Pudding to Wattalapam. I'll be honest, not a lot of retailers impressed us with their CBP, but the stuff sold here is actually quite tasty with a big hit of chocolate. It wasn't too synthetic, the cream was fresh and at Rs. 100 it's a helluva deal. 

When we went in I saw that they had a few short eats up for grabs mainly samosas, rolls and the like but what interested me was that they had rather full-sized submarine sandwiches as well. I was told that their breakfast menu consists mostly of sandwiches and short-eats so perhaps they'll have a larger variety in the mornings.



Since it was lunch time, the place was chock full of white collar personnel bustling about with their plates full of buth. The cafe seems small but it'll easily seat 20+ people thanks to the genius idea of putting up communal dining tables and sticking to the true buth kade spirit. 

The place is clean, the large tables by the counter are blocky and enough for about 10 people to sit at. They've also got solo counters for you introverts, and the entrance area has your basic table-chair party going on. 

The furniture is all warm toned orange and yellow which basically reminded me of..well..Saffron. They've got a funky mini-bar type thing going on but they haven't opened that section up yet so I'll be looking forward to seeing what they'll do with that later.


All in all a great place to get a packet of rice at, the food's fresh, the chicken is delicious, the customers seem to love it. The office vegetarian says he enjoyed it, too. Would recommend especially if you're on a budget and are hungry for some good and honest local food. 


Try the Chocolate Biscuit Pudding.


32 Hospital Street, Fort, Colombo 01.


It's right down hospital street about 5 steps away from Re.Pub.Lk, behind the Dutch Hospital.



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