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Salad Maps

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A home cook making salad jars inspired by regional salads around the world.

Salad Maps is a home chef that put interesting spins on salads taking inspirations from around the world, and presenting them neatly packaged as layers stuffed in jars. 

Maybe this might make you wanna try them out. So, how about the whole meal of salads, eh?

How To Order  

As stated earlier they are a home chef, so it’s delivery only. For now, you can only grab them salads using a delivery platform like PickMe Food. But we heard that you might get the chance to get it from them directly in the future.

The Leafy Stuff

They are available in variants that directly speaks to the country the salads take inspiration from, like Japanese Sushi Salad, Greek Salad, Mexican Taco Salad and so on. After snooping around their IG, we found out that they are hoping to expand their spread as well.

Our choices were Japanese Sushi Salad (Rs.750), Italian Caesar Salad (Rs. 690) and Thai Salad (Rs. 690) all of which come packaged in separate jars which is mandatory, and costs Rs. 90 per each.

Japanese Sushi Salad comprised of a few seaweed on top, followed by a layer of fluffy white steamed rice, avocado, pink salmon and thinly sliced carrots and cucumber dunked in a soy sauce and placed as the bottom layer.

The rice served as the base to mix things up and made it feel more like a meal than a salad, but hey, we are not complaining. Salmon seemed fresh, juicy and housed a bit of umami, saltiness and coupled with the leafy bitterness from the seaweed, was enjoyable.

The carrot and cucumber helped with the crunch and the soy sauce took them in a sweeter direction, which went well with the buttery-rich flavour coming from the avocado. As a whole, the flavours in the jar was mellow and took on a laid back profile. This can serve as an excellent meal in the morning as we feel.

The juices in the Italian Caesar Salad jar had gone a bit haywire and made things appear messy, but in a good way. The jar was filled to the brim from all the elements in the mix, such as croutons sitting on top of lettuce, then a layer of olives and grilled chicken, and then cucumber and cherry tomato at the bottom.

There were only a few croutons on top which had the right texture. The lettuce and the cucumber were fresh and added a healthy crunch to the texture while the olives packed their signature fresh olive flavour with a bit of saltiness. The salad dressing had a subtle tanginess to it which complemented well with the grilled chicken that had soused up all the sharp notes of parmesan. 

This one was our favourite out of the lot, because of the balance of flavours it provides. 

Our Thai Salad came with bits of bell pepper and cherry tomato on the bottom, then broccoli, a layer of thin white noodles, a beef layer topped off with spinach and leeks. 

The white vermicelli noodles were cooked right and the beef was somewhat tougher than we expected which didn’t have any significant flavour. The beefy aroma clashed with the leeks which I was not a fan of.

However, the layer of broccoli was quite good - crunchy and a bit sweet after being together with juicy the bell pepper and cherry tomato, which had a bit of sweetness to it. The spinach in the mix seemed and tasted fresh. 

While this combo was decent overall, we feel that they have room to improve here. Some papaya or mango perhaps?


Salad Maps truly manages to do something different and pulls it off well. They are not the only salad guy in the city but their inspired take here is as freshening as their salads. 

They can polish up a few things here and there but they whip up good salads as of now. Coupled with the packaging and prices which are not the cheapest, you do go get quality dish stuffed in a jar for your price.


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