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Sam's Barbecue

No.327e Main Road, Attidiya Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

A beautiful BBQ joint at Mount that serves some of the best food!

Perhaps it's the lights and the fact that the benches are outdoors; amongst the grass making itself a resting place for the tiny drops of dew. With the almost full moon shining its light, Sam's Barbecue had an almost fairytale-like effect enshrouding it, and with the near-perfect food, it's a pretty amazing place!

The Food

The BBQ Wings were glazed with a sweet/ savoury sauce, making it a burst of flavour in your mouth! For Rs. 400, it is definitely worth your money. Succulent wings, and a whole horde of them; it is very much different to the little strips of flesh that you have to peel off of the bone, that you get at some places. 

The Meat Grill (Rs. 1975) was an assortment of crazy delicious meat put together. Unfortunately, none of the beef dishes was available on that day as a group of 20 people had pre-ordered most of the dishes, but yet, our disappointment soon waned away as we received the dish. 

Consisting of chicken breasts, sausages and an omelette, it was undoubtedly satiating, and a feast for the eyes as well as our tastebuds. The Chicken breasts were luscious and juicy, encased in a crisp, savoury shell the tender meat lay. The sausages too were quite meaty and flavourful and had been prepared perfectly, while the omelette too, with a tinge of salt and pepper, was beyond expectations. 

The garlic bread, warm and with a delicious aroma wafting from it, did not disappoint. The crispiness of the bread was an indicator of its freshness and the garlic concoction that had been used was amazing. 

The mashed potatoes had a buttery flavour to it, which we simply adore, and the helping too was ample.

The coleslaw dressing was not as creamy as expected, but it was certainly flavourful and fresh and was ideal with the meat dishes. 

They also had Non-Alcoholic beer which enabled us to crack open a cold one with the boys on a Monday night and still be able to function properly. 

Service and Ambience

The service was lightning fast! 

Usually, at a BBQ joint, you would expect the food to take some time to arrive at your table, but at Sam's Barbecue, all it takes is a period of 10-15 minutes and your order is ready for gorging over! The staff too were quite friendly and accommodating. 

The restaurant itself is as amazing as the food. Sam's Barbecue is one of the best examples that emphasise on the fact that first impressions matter. We were blown away by all of the little things they did differently: the strands of lights that lit the place up, giving it a very cosy atmosphere, the concrete /  wooden benches, the bold move to have most of the seating outdoors, which all came together to create a very chilled out atmosphere, and with the cool night breeze blowing in, it was perfect. 


Definitely an instant hit, Sam's Barbecue is a very chill place to grab a quick, meaty meal and one of the best things is the fact that the food here is comparatively cheap as well!


No.327e Main Road, Attidiya Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia


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Open until 10:00 PM

Price Range

More than Rs.1500

Dish Types

BBQ Beef Chicken

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