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Sandwich Factory - Dehiwala

134/1, Hill Street, Dehiwala Mt Lavinia, Colombo

When Sandwich Factory first opened it's doors they were quite a welcomed change to the fast food industry in Sri Lanka with it's 60's American diner theme. They've still got that going for them, although it seems they've lost there enthusiasm over time.

Sadly, the Dehiwala outlet has closed down. They're still at Kollupitiya.

When Sandwich Factory first opened its doors they were quite a welcomed change to the fast food industry in Sri Lanka with its 60's American diner theme. They've still got that going for them, although it seems they've lost their enthusiasm over time.



We recently dined in at their restaurant on Wijerama Mawatha (Colombo 7), and we had a pleasant experience. This time around we dropped in at their newest outlet on Hill Street, Dehiwala. Unfortunately, we weren't half as happy as we were the last time. The Dehiwala outlet is more of a take away joint, with seating for only around 10 people. They offer the same menu as the main restaurant which covers a wide range of American favourites - subs, some Tex-Mex options as well as a health food range. Prices are highier compared to other contemporary eateries with items ranging from around Rs. 400 -  Rs. 700. The reason we say it's pricey is because they only offer the burger or the sub (sans the fries and drink).


We ordered the double cheese burger (Rs. 620), tandoori chicken sub (Rs. 560) and a couple of Milo shakes (Rs. 350). The Milo shakes was pretty yummy, if a bit expensive seeing as the glass wasn't very tall. It was thick and had a good amount of Milo in it which was great since it also adds a nice little crunch (Milo lovers will know what I mean).


The double cheese burger at Rs. 620 for just the burger felt a bit pricey, so it had to be pretty darn good to justify the price. That was not the case unfortunately. The burger itself was quite big with 2 large beef patties topped with cheese, and some lettuce and mayo under the patties. The biggest problem with this burger, which pretty much ruined the entire thing was that it was so damn greasy. So greasy that the oil had actually diffused through the bottom bun (you may notice it in the image) and would get on our hands when we held it. The soaked bun was falling apart so we had to flip it to actually eat it in peace.

Two things we noted was that, a. The burger was far too oily to begin with, and b. Having the mayo below the patty as opposed to on top of it made the issue worse since the patty pressing down on it made the bun absorb it faster. Besides, the patty itself didn't taste that great with an overpowering amount of pepper and spice.


The tandoori chicken sub fared slightly better in the fact that it was less tedious to eat, but was still quite underwhelming. When you think of tandoori chicken the first thing that comes to mind is that beautiful reddish-orange colour of the chicken. So as soon as we got this sub we were questioning its tandoori-ness, seeing as how it looked like plain old grilled chicken, and that was exactly what it tasted like. Overall the sub tasted okay, but you can't just skim over the fact that it didn't taste anything like it was supposed to.


So we've had two contrasting experiences at the Sandwich Factory's separate outlets . They need to go easy on the oil and provide what they promise on the menu. We still like their American theme, but it's clear they need to work on consistency.


134/1, Hill Street, Dehiwala Mt Lavinia, Colombo


From Galle Road turn to Hill street at the Dehiwala Junction. Sandwich Factory is on right about 200m down, before the Police station.


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This place has closed down

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Burgers Sandwiches Wraps



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