Sath Ambula (The Grove)

289, High Level Rd, Nugegoda

An organic rice & curry spot in The Grove.

Sath Ambula represents the Sri Lankan, rice & curry counterpart of The Grove; the newly opened food court-like restaurant collection in Nugegoda. The ingredients they use here are super organic, which they purchase from Saaraketha

Rice & Curry

Their pork curry was top-notch (which we discovered during our review of The Grove), but unfortunately, it wasn't available on the day we visited. So we opted for a Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 650) and a Fish Rice & Curry (Rs. 650). 

Both of the plates had the same set of veg-curries; beans, pumpkin and dhal, as well as a gotukola mallum along with a couple of papadums.

The portion of curried up chicken was quite worth it. Hefty and lightly seasoned, it was cooked well and cooked through. We Sri Lankans live for spices, so a little more of that, and definitely a dash of pepper would have made it even more flavoursome. In fact, that is actually one of the reasons why we fell in love with their pork curry last time, and we couldn't quite detect the same good flavour in this one. Plus, this one was a bit salty, while the gravy was a bit watery for our liking. 

The dhal curry was quite creamy and had the right amount of spices to boot, while the pumpkin and bean curries leant towards the milky side as they should be. We absolutely enjoyed the mallum. Crunchy and fresh, it had a good dose of chopped up green chillies adding a bit of heat.

The absolute favourite part of our experience at Sath Ambula this time was the fish curry. Two pieces of thalapath (Indo-Pacific sailfish) fish cooked to perfection and smothered with spices and a handful of curry leaves, it was simply wonderful. Slightly firm from the outside and breaking away into pieces so beautifully, we could taste rich notes of curry even from its most inner layers. 

Ambience & Service

Sath Ambula looks like a modernised version of a Sri Lankan village house, and it's a part of their charm.

There is a dedicated seating space on their open verandah, but you can sit outdoors too. The giant fans they've got help to chase away the occasional flies. 

Helpful and accomodating, the service was quite good.


The prices are aligned with the organic ingredients, so it's a slightly expensive option to get your rice & curry on in the vicinity of Nugegoda. If you're not into the typical grab-and-go scene that other rice & curry spots in the area provide, and want to properly sit down for a meal in a peaceful ambience mixed with the nature in the middle of a city full of hustle and bustle, this is a good option. 


289, High Level Rd, Nugegoda


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This place has closed down


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