Sea Fish Restaurant & Bar

15, Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 2

Sea Fish is a restaurant that's been around since the '70s, and its dining space still features music and lights from that era. Their seafood is however good, and they also do seafood BBQs in their backyard on request.

Sea Fish is one of those parts of Colombo that's been around since the 1970's. It's in a neglected little corner between Slave Island and Pettah next to ye old Regal cinema, and unexpectedly serves up some fresh, well prepared seafood. They seem to have improved under new management.

Location & Ambience

Sea Fish declares itself discreetly on a faded blue signboard down a little lane of plants and housey roofs, a little dodgy from the outside.

It's not really dodgy at all once you walk inside though. It's a long, neat, A/Ced formal dining space with a bar at one end, but with the strangest choice of blue lighting across the ceiling. With the lights and the Tina Charles variety of music playing from the radio while you eat, it's very '70s disco dining (yes that's a thing now), and I imagine my dad would enjoy having dinner here and putting an uncle-dance. There's also a pleasant outdoor space out back for more casual dining, where they can set up a seafood BBQ party on request.

The Food & Service

The menu at Sea Fish is pretty extensive - check out their menu here. They've got everything from sandwiches to pastas, but their forte is obviously seafood. So we went for two seafood mains - the Dello Borata and the grilled seer fish. It cost us roughly Rs. 3000 for two, which is on level with most formal dining restaurants. They do crab and lobster too though, which we haven't tried yet, and this'll add a little more weight to your bill (about Rs. 3000 for a kg of medium crab).

The grilled seer fish for Rs. 1350 tasted alright - well cooked, mildly seasoned seer fish, coupled with boiled vegetables and french fries. Not a memorable dish, but tasty, and filling for one person.

It was the Dello Borata that impressed us though - this is an aromatic, spicy curry of cuttlefish, the kind of dish that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. It typically comes with a side of four slices of kade paan and pol sambol. For Rs. 1400, this is a hefty bowl that comes hot in the cooking pot, easily enough for two, featuring plenty of soft, delicious cuttlefish in a very thick, flavoursome gravy, the Sri Lankan home-made curry powder kind - any spice lover's dream come true. With the kade paan, it's an addictive dish.

Our waiter recommended the chocolate biscuit pudding, so we got that too. For Rs. 350 this is actually pretty good. The biscuit isn't as crisp as I usually enjoy it, but this is one of the better CBPs as far as restaurant desserts go - served very cool, with a great creamy chocolate texture, topped with fresh strawberry.

We went at a not so busy time, so our waiter was extremely attentive. They were a little bit forgetful - forgot my pol sambol and forgot my takeaway till I reminded them, but overall they were very friendly and helpful.


Sea Fish does some decent seafood and if you order wisely it's not too costly either. If you're in the Fort neighbourhood and you're a seafood person like me, it's one of the few places there to sit down indoors for a comfortable meal.


If you're a fan of spicy food, go for any curry with kade paan.


15, Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 2


You'll find it down a small lane right next to Regal Cinema, a little walk away from Lake House.