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Sea Food Weligama (Mama's Place)

Seafood Weligama

But te fresh catch, wait until they make it for you and eat it on the beach!

There's an unmissable spot, called Mama's Place, along Beach Road (basically the extension of Galle Rd, the main road going South on to Mirissa) where a few open air stalls sell fish, cook it and also serve it to you while you sit on the beach at Weligama Bay. The concept is amazing and it's a great way to eat in Weli. There's a couple of places to choose from. We tried the rather generically named, family run 'Sea Food Weligama'. 

A range of fresh seafood was on the planks. We got some Octopus (Rs. 1200 for 500g), Prawns (Rs. 1000 for 500g), Cuttlefish (Rs. 1200 for 500g) and some fish; Tuna (locally known as atawalla) and 'Sea Chicken' (locally known as Pothu Bariya) for Rs. 1000 per kilo. Yes, these prices are high, and yes we might have gotten fleeced a little. Remember to bring your negotiation skills when you eat here. But also remember that you're paying for service and location and not just the fish.

The meal is complemented with Rice, Salad and Chips. All of it is basic, but good and wholesome. They added up another 1200 or so for the rice and complements, as mentioned previously, all prices are generally open for negotiation. 

The Food

A generous dose of fresh kankun and asparagus complemented almost everything, there was  also a slight excess of oil, but not crazily so.

The Octopus

We stopped the kitchen from adding tomato ketchup to our food, and insisted on just cooking it with oil and garlic instead, sprinking lime over the top.

The end effect was very good. Simply made, fresh seafood with some greens and rice.

(Sea Chicken)

Lalitha the cook/ salesperson/ bargainer-in-chief however insisted we should try it with her special sauce next time. Let us know if you go by and do that. 


(The Kitchen)

The service experience is down and dirty, lots of bargaining and discussion precludes your sit down and eating experience. But it all happens on a very friendly level. Our food was delivered quickly and we were attended to very well.


Is the Weligama Bay. You can't ask for better ambience. There is great seating with canopies to protect you against the sun and rain, chill at the tables for as long as you want and alternate your bites of fish with dips in the sea if you like.


Bargain your way into a great, fresh caught, fresh cooked meal at Fishpoint. The meal cost us just above Rs. 6,000 for 5 very hungry and ultimately very satisfied people.


Do discuss the cooking approach with the kitchen, they're prone to add a (too much) ketchup

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