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Liberty Plaza, Level 2, 250, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

  • This place has closed down

Authentic biryani at affordable prices, Seasons is only held back by its dismal setting on the deserted second floor of Liberty Plaza.

Having operated for two-and-a-half years, Seasons had gone under the radar for quite a while. A recent Instagram brought this spot to our attention, and so we decided to check it out for lunch. We were under the impression that the restaurant served Indian cuisine, but soon learned that Seasons intends to become a full-on "food hall" with Chinese, Arabic and Western cuisines. For now, we tried the Indian menu, particularly in search of a hearty biryani.


For starters, we had the Canopy's Special Fried Chicken Kebab (Rs. 495) which turned out to be pretty similar to a Chicken 65. It had the tandoori flavours going on and a lovely crisp on the outside, while the flesh inside was still juicy. The mint sambol on the side worked well to complement the flavour. I'm not sure where Canopy's name come from, but this is a great starter that you could share with two people. 

Then came the rice. Oh, what beautiful rice. The moment it was laid on the table, the aroma of biryani spices wafted across the air-conditioning. We couldn't spot the chicken at first sight, as it was hidden inside. A small portion of Chicken Dum Biriyani cost just Rs. 375 and fed two of us.

Dum biryani, we learned, is steamed, and you might figure that out on your own just by the softness of the rice and the chicken. The grains were not mushy or stuck together, and fell away as gently as the flesh of the chicken. Served along with raita and a spicy side dish that I think was brinjal, this was a hearty meal that left us feeling quite satisfied. I brought back the leftover rice to the office and everyone was quite pleased. The aroma hovered over the lunch table for a good few minutes.

We tried the sweet lassi (Rs. 250) and watermelon juice (Rs. 200) and they were alright. The lassi was a little watery, but it wasn't too sweet and generally tasted as it should. The watermelon juice was not too watered down and not too sweet, just the way we like it. However, we have to say that a thicker lassi would have been better value for money. 


Most of the staff at Seasons (seemingly understaffed) are quite distant and unengaging. There were no customers when I walked in and none of the staff seemed to notice, either. I walked up to one of the counters and asked a server who was glued to his smartphone for lunch, and then he called up a waiter from another room.

The waiter who was summoned took me across the dining area to a table that had its own little air-conditioner, and then wandered off before returning to take my order. I asked him a few questions about menu items that were not in English and had no descriptions, but he just stared at me blankly. He then turned away without saying a word, and called someone who seemed to be the manager.

Yaseen arrived with a smile and quite capably helped me make my order and understand what the restaurant was about. He said that they will soon serve Arabian, Chinese and Western food once their new chefs arrive. He seemed to be the most active and enthusiastic of the staff there, and really brightened up our experience. 


Sadly, this is where Seasons falls short, as the second floor of Liberty Plaza has nothing else going on. There's not a single other shop that's functioning and most of the space is under construction, so it's quite strange to be dining on this floor. You can hear the work that's going on and that can detract from your experience. Also, watch out for the tiles, some of them are not quite set and may trip you up. 


The food is really good here. We enjoyed our lunch. Three hours after eating, I still felt full. Yaseen says they'll be spreading the word about the new Seasons soon once their other kitchens are set up. We're a little apprehensive about how well the Arabian and Western cuisines will compare to the Indian menu, but we're also kind of excited about it. If you work around Colpetty, try lunch here.


Ask for Yaseen, he knows the menu and he's really helpful.


Liberty Plaza, Level 2, 250, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03


Turn onto Duplication Road from the Liberty Plaza roundabout. Take the elevator to the second floor. It's to your right.

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This place has closed down


Chinese Indian

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Seafood Biriyani Chicken Tandoori Mutton Fish Naan Lassi

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