Sen Su Food

21/D, Narahenpita Rd, Colombo 005

A take-away only rice and curry place.

Sen Su Food is rather small rice & curry spot in Nawala that's buzzing with the crowd, especially when it's close to the lunchtime. They have takeaway only, and you can call ahead and place the order if you do not feel like standing in a line of hungry office folks. 


While they have a few short eats like roti and rolls, their main focus is mainly rice and curry. You can get nasi goreng, fried rice, rice & curry with either chicken, fish or egg.

The Fish Rice & Curry came in at just Rs. 150 with a mound of white rice and four veg curries and a piece of fish. The fish was curried up well, cooked to the creamy side and while it tasted of fish, didn’t smell of fishy which is a plus point. We enjoyed the dried sprat & seeni sambol very much, thinking how good would it be in between a couple of bread slices. The creamy jackfruit added moisture to the plate and there was more than enough of tempered parippu bringing more curry flavour.

We wouldn't have minded if there was more gotukota mallum here, which was fresh and leafy. There is room to fine-tune the portion sizes of the curries to the fit the portion of the rice, but considering the price, this is one solid plate of fish rice & curry.

The Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 260) was visibly bulging in the box, filled to the brim with rice, with chop suey on a side, and two chicken pieces dunked in a sauce as well as a bit of chilli paste.

The rice itself was seasoned nicely, fluffy without being oily. The chicken pieces were roasted well, with a tad hard outer layer, soft inside and seemed fresh. The sauce took things to the sweeter side and coupled with the chicken, it was quite tasty. The chop suey with boiled, green beans, carrot and lettuce added to the crunch of this plate.

While this was your normal fried rice, they had managed to keep the quality and flavour high and we enjoyed it very much.

The Nasi Goreng (Rs. 350) surprised us with its rich, savoury, sweet flavour throughout the rice, which was not too oily and seasoned up well. The bits of sausages in the mix helped make things even more delicious along with the pieces of roast chicken. 

The bulls-eye egg sitting on top had green chilli embedded in them and coupled with the onion, carrot and chilli flakes, it made for a fine meal. 

Service & Ambience

The spot has just enough space to hold around ten people at a time, and that's just to order the food. Things were clean and moving relatively fast, but you might experience delays due to the heavy crowd. 


If you want to grab a decent buth packet in Nawala that can easily fill you up and while being light on the pocket, we can suggest this place.


21/D, Narahenpita Rd, Colombo 005


Open until 10:30 PM


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