Skrumptious (Arpico Super Center)

Arpico Super Center, Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2

Skrumptious makes high quality brownies and chocolatey goodies - they now have a take-away spot at Hyde Park's Arpico.

Update: This outlet is closed, but the good news is that Skrumptious has a bigger space now on Jawatte Road.

There are few desserts-only places in Colombo, and even fewer places that specialize in brownies ready for takeaway - Skrumptious is one (Yumi Cake brownies also come to mind). We've already reviewed their restaurant in Thimbirigasyaya, but now they have a very convenient takeaway stall at Arpico Super Center. 

The Goodies

If you are new to Skrumptious, let me give you a simple introduction: they make some of the creamiest, most chocolatey brownies I've ever had. Brownies are a special thing in the baking world, very few do it just right, so most of us rely on home bakers to do the job. So it's refreshing to find a place where you can just pick some up. We got the dark and white brownie and the Oreo brownie; the only thing is they cost Rs. 380, which is a lot for a small cup of dessert, however I would honestly pay that much for this quality and satisfaction. 

Skrumptious brownies are smooth, thick and creamy on the inside, not crumbly like typical home baked brownies tend to be, so it's any chocolate lover's dream, coated by a thin sugary layer on the outside. The flavours come out very strong so if you have a thing for Oreo, or peanut butter, for example, these flavoured brownies will give you a foodgasm. Since the Arpico stall just kicked off this month, not every flavour is available yet in little takeaway cups, but you can alternatively buy a big box of 8 pieces of any flavour for about Rs. 1000. 

Lastly, and the best news, is that we've found excellent chocolate biscuit pudding (at Rs. 300 a cup). It's extremely hard to find good biscuit pudding on-the-go in Colombo (tell us in the comments if you've found good CBP), and as a die-hard biscuit pudding fan I was thrilled at the discovery here. The chocolate layer is light but not too eggy, still very chocolatey, and most importantly, you get thick crumbly biscuit between the cream that hasn't been frozen into blandness, which is a frequent mistake elsewhere. This is now my go-to for biscuit pudding.  

Location & Ambience

When you walk into the Arpico premises, head into the mall itself and you'll find the Skrumptious Express stall on your left, opposite the Helium balloons stall. You get brownies and puddings in little plastic cups, and plenty of brownie boxes for takeaway.

Alternatively, you can grab your dessert cup and just mosy towards the cafe space near the entrance of the mall. It can get rather crowded but it'll do if you want to have your brownie right away. Arpico at Hyde Park Corner is actually becoming increasingly happening now, what with Skrumptious brownies at this end, and the food court at the other (Urban Kitchen, Frozen, Cake Factory). 


I personally adore the desserts by Skrumptious - they are consistent when it comes to quality and make some of the best chocolate based food in town. It does cost almost 400 bucks a cup though, so if you don't mind exchanging that much for the high quality promised, they are a safe bet. 


Chocolate biscuit pudding FTW.


Arpico Super Center, Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2


To get to Hyde Park Corner, turn into Dharmapala Mawatha from the Kollupitiya junction, head right down and turn left just before the CMC clock tower.


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