So Cafe

59, Station Rd, Homagama

A relative new comer in the heart of Homagama, you can drop in for your small food needs on the way to work or home.

A relatively new spot in the heart of Homagama, So Cafe offers a wide range of healthy smoothies and juices. If you're in the mood for a snack or a freshly squeezed glass of juice on the go, this is a safe bet.


Aside from the aforementioned, they also have a menu full of customisable sundae bowls and a couple of waffles.

We decided to go with the Waffle with Ice Cream. You can make your selection from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and fruit n’ nut ice cream. Priced at Rs. 200, ours was topped off with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, a blob of whipped cream and garnished with colourful sprinkles. 

Neatly presented, this one also had a tiny drizzle of chocolate sauce.

The waffle was crispy from the outside and but not as much in the middle - a bit more crispiness would have been better as opposed to the mellow-like feeling when cutting in. A tad on the doughier side, it took us some effort to cut it into pieces, but did not hold us back from finishing it off.

They had nailed the sweetness with just the right amount of sugar which complimented the butter and the egg flavours of the batter. The chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce contributed to that extra sweet kick.


We ordered two drinks - Mixed Fruit (Rs. 200) and Apple Ginger Smoothie (Rs. 300).

The Mixed Fruit Juice came as a blend of papaya, pineapple, and watermelon. However, if you have a particular concoction of fruits in mind, they would be happy to give it a shot, given that they have all the fruits.

Anyway, ours had all the flavours of the fruits they promised, and a very little to no sugar. We just wish we chose a better mix of fruits. Well, at least now you know what to do.

The apple ginger smoothie was not our favourite. While the taste of ginger was present, the milk sort of drowned out whatever the apple taste there was in the drink. We wish it could have been a little bit less lumpy, with stronger notes of apple. But trust me, it’s not all bad - just that it could be easily improved.

Ambience and Service

As soon as you enter, you feel the difference from stepping off from the busy street to a place that you can really sit and relax. It was a pleasant, clean cafe with enough room to fit around 20 people at a time. Even the music on the background was quite enjoyable.

The staff was prompt and accommodating. We were presented with their menu as soon as we came in and it didn't take long for them to prepare our order either. The staff member who waited on us was polite and quick to answer any questions we had and seemed diligent about taking the order too - which is always a pleasure to see.


Although we felt like they have room to improve, they seem to be on the right track. If you're nearby and in need of a place to just pop in, relax and enjoy putting something refreshing in you, we can give a nod to this place.


Make sure to ask and let them know your choices in the selections you make, such as the fruits in the mixed fruit.


59, Station Rd, Homagama


Directly opposite of Sathosa.


Closed right now

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Ice Cream Waffles Fruit Juice Smoothies

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