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479, Thalawatugoda Road, Kibulawela, Madiwela

Formed by cyclists for the fitfam!

I rarely get surprised when I walk into a cafe or a restaurant because I always look them up on social media before I go. Spinner Cafe was highly underrated in their social media, I tell you. We dropped in for an evening snack and was pleasantly surprised. 

It's a small cafe in Madiwela founded by cyclists. They serve up healthy food and a great cup of coffee. 

The Food

They have their signature range of Roti Sandwiches with fillings like chicken, tuna, sprats and of course veggies with extra toppings. We ordered a Tuna Roti Sandwich (Rs. 260) with Chicken Ham (Rs. 80). It smelled amazing and tasted even better. The two rotis were served warm and cooked well. They were crispy around the edges and soft in the middle (just like the ones your mum makes). The texture of the ham fused well with the rest, not too oily and salty. It was worth the price. 

We also got an Egg & Extra Vegetables Sandwich (Rs. 410) and I immediately noticed how fresh the vegetables were. The sandwich was generously stuffed with purple cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, salad leaves and a fried egg. Since they make everything right then and there, the veggies weren't soggy and had the crunchiness you expect, especially the cabbage. It was delicious but the price was a little too much for a veggie sandwich. 

Okay so this place clearly has a very healthy, fit vibe but I couldn't help but try their desserts. We got a Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 190) and a Red Velvet Cupcake (Rs. 200).

Visually, they didn't look anything special but the brownie was simply amazing! It had that optimal gooey chocolatey texture any good brownie should have. Although it wasn't crunchy on the outside, I wouldn't complain. The Red Velvet was soft and sweet with a pure cream cheese frosting. 

The Drinks

The Coffee Mocha (Rs. 450) was one of the best I have had in a while, and I drink a lot of coffee. The texture and the flavour were on point with freshly brewed coffee. It was bitter like a mocha should be and the creamer wasn't overpowering the caffeine. 

They also have Hot Chocolate (Rs. 350) if you don't like coffee. The cocoa powder was a bit overpowering in this one, but it was otherwise good.

Service & Ambience 

The place is very cosy and cute with a cyclist theme going on. The wall art is pretty much what you'd expect, with motivational quotes about fitness and how many calories you can burn by cycling. They also have an outside seating area which is ideal for a cool summer evening. 

The service was superb. I only saw two waiters but they were friendly and efficient. We didn't have to wait a long time for the food to arrive and the tables were cleared as soon as we were done. It's very peaceful and you can honestly spend a few hours here. 

They also have a bike repair shop right next to the cafe, which is pretty cool.


It's a vegetarian-friendly, healthy place out in the suburbs where you can come and enjoy a post-workout meal or a cup of coffee. Best to ride your bike here to keep on par with their theme. They also sell energy drinks, bars, and other supplements. Overall, we really enjoyed our visit and would probably return soon.


Go for their signature Roti Sandwiches.


479, Thalawatugoda Road, Kibulawela, Madiwela


Near Kibulawela bus stop, opposite Perera and Sons.



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Open until 09:00 PM


French Italian Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Eggs Sandwiches Roti

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