Sri Krishna Dosai

No 9 D S Senanayaka Street, Kandy

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A saivar kade in Kand that does a solid puri in Kandy.

Dosa shops are quite possibly one of the easiest places to find. And Sri Krishna Dosai happens to be yet another one of this genre in Kandy. 

Known for its affordable grub and solid puri's, Sri Krishna Dosai, is a spot in Kandy and considered as a go-to place for getting a filling meal for less than Rs. 500. 


With an open ground floor that's bustling with people constantly and a more chilled out space upstairs, the ambience here is not. 

With enough space to seat their endless line of hungry customers, it proved to be clean, humble and altogether lovely. It's nothing fancy, but it is ideal for when you're looking for someplace to get some quick lunch and getting out of their hair. 

Apart from the seating, they've also got pictures of celebrities who are vegetarian in an attempt to convince us that going veg is the way to be. 

Food & Drinks

Everything in Sri Krishna Dosai is vegetarian. 

This was the Rice and Curry (Rs. 170) we ordered. A healthy serving of fluffy white rice with a papadum sticking out of it, the rice was accompanied with 4 curries, curd and semolina.

One of the curries was an onion-based one, catering to the spicy factor, the manioc curry catering to the general creaminess of the dish and the mallung catering to the mallung part of it, we loved it.

The dhal curry was the essential gravy factor and combined with the curd, you're set for a rather nice plate of food, even if it wasn't as spicy as we would have liked it to be. That being said though, if you, like me, like eating in plates like this and can handle vegetarian food, we suggest giving this a shot. 

We're not entirely sure how much this was, because the prices on our bill are pretty much non-existent). Nonetheless, the Masala Dosa was a beaut. With a beautiful crisp dosa and a mildly spicy potato filling, we liked it. If you do go to Sri Krishna Dosai, we suggest giving it a shot. 

This is the Ghee Dosa. A giant circular affair of batter and ghee cooked to a delicious crisp. Well, not all of it was crispy, but it also had a soft bit that thoroughly soaked up the gravy, which we thought was lovely.

Accompanied by a coconut sambol and sambar that was rather watery, we thought it was okay. The curries could have certainly taken it up a notch. 

The star of our entire meal was the Puri (Rs. 170). 2 beautifully oily disks of deep-fried batter served with 3 curries that were actually the perfect addition to make it that much better. 

The puri was nice and fluffy which the curries added a curried, tangy kick to it which was beautiful. This is a must-try here. 

*Pictured above: Masala Chai (left) and Plain Tea with Lemon (right)

We also got a Masala Chai (Rs. 70) and a Plain Tea with Lemon (Rs. 20) to wash it all down. 

When Sri Krishna Dosai says masala, what they mean is ginger. So, if you do happen to order the Masala chai as we did, we suggest expecting highly sugared, milk tea with ginger. The plain tea followed suit. We asked them to put less sugar but ended up with a sickly sweet cup of tea that had a nice balance between tea and lime, but far too much sugar.


The service at Sri Krishna Dosa was similar to that of any other saivar kadey in the country. Fast-paced and not all that friendly, we expected nothing more and was thus, not disappointed. 


Sri Krishna is a pretty good place to get your dosa fix when you're in Kandy. They do a solid dosa and apart from the tea, everything else was quite nice as well. The place is clean and given how fast we were served, we're gonna go out on a limb and say that it's perfect for when you want some solid Indian when on a time budget.