Sri Lankan Food Corner by Dunhinda (Weras Ganga Food Court)

B94, Dehiwala Rd, Boralesgamuwa

  • Open until 07:30 PM

A wee small part of the Weras Ganga Food Court that's dedicated to serving Sri Lankan food.

If you've ever gone to the Bellanvila Walking Path Food Court on an early weekend morning, you're probably aware of the fact that from the rows and rows of shops, there will be only one place that opens up with the sun and that's exactly what we're here to talk about. 

Given that it's called a food court, we assumed that we'd have some sort of choice in all this. Boy, were we wrong. The only place we could turn to with our hunger was Sri Lankan Food Corner by Dunhinda and we're not entirely disappointed by it.


The ambience at the food court fits itself into a throng of cement chairs and tables taking up various parts of land facing the lake. Considering how we went during the early hours of dawn, the place was practically spotless. But, different hours of the day will have drastic changes to the setting, we assume. 

Well, if you want a detailed description of what the Weras Ganga Food Court is like, we suggest clicking here. It's a bit old write-up, but the things are pretty much the same. 


Pictured above: the sweet corner of the food corner 

The menu here isn't large. Sticking to its roots, Sri Lankan Food Corner does a bunch of stuff like string hoppers, rice, cowpea and paratha up for grabs. 

Plus, they do have some delicious kola kenda too, if you're interested. 

So, we played it safe and got ourselves a portion of their string hoppers (Rs.100) that's served with pol sambol, chicken gravy, dhal curry and white fish gravy. 

Spicy in some parts, creamy as a whole and quite filling than what some servings of string hoppers turn out to be, we liked it. The dhal curry was creamy and leant slightly towards the spicier side of things, and the white fish curry too followed suit. Here's the thing, they load everything onto the plate at the same time so it's hard to tell how each one tastes individually. But, one thing's for sure, they do a pretty decent serving of string hoppers and we are happy. 

However, the pol sambol was a tad on the blander side of the spectrum. But, that was the only real complaint we had regarding this dish. 

 We also got a set of chopped up Egg Rotti (Rs. 60) with Chicken gravy and Dhal curry. While the curries were pretty much the same as the serving of string hoppers, the egg rotti was brilliant. Served directly from the cooker, they were soft, steamy and utterly delectable. A definite recommend on our part. 

The best part about getting food from here is the fact that you can customise your order any way you want. Here's one with both the egg rotti and the string hoppers. Basically, perfection. 


With literal lines of people looking for food, the staff was both fast-paced and managed to carry out their duties with as little attitude as possible. 

They complete your order, food and all before moving onto the next customer. So you know they're efficient. 


The food is pretty good, the staff is efficient and you get a decent Sri Lankan breakfast for quite a little. We say go for it, especially if you happen to find yourself in the area.