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66/3, Ward Place, Colombo 7

Streat360 is an interesting little restaurant featuring 'street food' from different countries. The interior is quite chic and rustic, but it's kinda overpriced.

Streat360 is a cosy new restaurant that’s just popped up down Ward Place. It's got interesting decor and it's a fun place to hang out. The food is alright, sometimes enough to pique your interest, but not gratifying for the really-hungry.


The The 'chicken papadam'

We tried to order something from each section of the menu but ended up skipping the Rice & Noodles, because, well, boring. The most interesting dish we had was the Chicharrones starter (in Cuban style – the spiciest, assured the manager), which was described in the menu as ‘crispy chicken’ but described by our waiter as ‘chicken papadam’. It literally tasted like a weird, interesting blend of chicken and papadam, though the papadam was strong in this one. If you’re just in to enjoy the vibes during the evening and not necessarily there for a hefty meal, this Rs. 280 starter with a strong, tasty glass of Rs. 180 Lemongrass & Mint Soda might do the job nicely.

Pomelo sounded like an interesting beverage too (i.e. we hadn’t heard of it before) next to the ordinary sodas and juices, so we tried it, but it just turned out to be uncomfortably strong lime soda.

Lemongrass grilled prawn Lemongrass grilled prawn

Our main meals were distinctly Streat360’s: Lemongrass Grilled Prawn for Rs. 850 and the Masala Gatsby for Rs. 680. The former is, according to the menu, an ‘Asian street favourite’, which could have afforded to carry a larger portion of yellow rice, but the prawns were plenty, soft and juicy and complemented by chilli fish sauce.

The Masala Gatsby The Masala Gatsby

The Masala Gatsby is a ‘masala marinated steak sandwich’ served with fries. The fries weren’t anything to boast about, the steak was well done and tender and with the bread was served generously, but we wish it had been spicier. The food and service left us happy but on the bus trip home, still a bit hungry.

Ambience and Service


The dining space is a soothing combo of chill lighting, sleek wood, bare brick wall and newspaper – newspapers cover some of the walls, columns and seats. On an evening minus crazy Colombo rain, you can slip out through the sliding glass doors and sit out on the wooden benches between trees and warm table lanterns.


The place is not too pricey if you’re going by yourself (roughly Rs.1000 for a meal) but the taxes can really stack up if you take a crowd. We were visited by the manager, the waiter, the owner’s wife and the chef consecutively who asked if we were enjoying our meals – although that may have been because we were the only customers around at the time (eager beavers at the doors when they opened at 7pm), it was super nice of them.

It’s best to call before a visit for a reservation (since it can get crowded) and also since they take a break between lunch and dinner. Taxes and service charges are not on your side – Rs. 500 at the end of our meal – but altogether a decent investment for a night out if you’re looking for a place that sets a congenial mood.



Streat360 is worth the trip for a weekend lunch or after work. The menu, if not amazing, is interesting and shows potential (though you can’t gorge to your belly’s content without risking your wallet’s health), the service and atmosphere are top-notch considering Colombo’s diners, and it’s a good deal for a light meal and a relaxing few hours.


Best to visit in the evenings - grab a milk toffee sundae and laze around in the garden.


66/3, Ward Place, Colombo 7


Go up Ward Place from the ODEL roundabout, past Cargills, Samsaung and Wijerama Mawatha - you'll find a by-lane on your right marked by the sign 'Streat360'. The restaurant is right at the end.


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