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66/3, Ward Place, Colombo 7

Streat360 is an interesting little restaurant featuring 'street food' from different countries. The interior is quite chic and rustic, but it's kinda overpriced.

Streat360 is a cosy restaurant down a by-lane in Ward Place, with brick walls, a big garden - and street food on the menu. We can't say for sure if all the food is 'authentic' street food (American, Indian, Italian and Arabic) - but the food has definitely improved since they first opened. We loved what we got - especially their milk toffee & jaggery sundae. 


This restaurant actually gets full points for ambience. It's a great place to chill out - the walls are mostly newspaper and brick, and the glass windows look out at the garden space. Some of the tables feature some fun mosaic glass work. The place feels quite fancy, especially lit up in the evenings, though the prices of the dishes thankfully are not. 

If the weather's good, the outside of the restaurant is better than inside. The restaurant is tucked in a quiet corner off the residential part of Ward Place, so it's quiet outside, and there's cute cafe furniture against brick walls and old windows. If you wander into the lawn you'll also find the organic produce shop Saaraketha on the same premises. 

The Food

Our last experience at Streat360 was as soon as they had opened back in 2014, and the food was just so-so. There was a notable improvement this time though, and we loved what we had. The menu includes street food favourites from India and America mostly, with a bit of other countries here and there, like Korean and Arabic. There's a good variety - sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and even rice & curry (Indonesian nasi goreng etc.). 

We got a New York style beef burger and it completely satisfied. For Rs. 730, this included a juicy well done slice of beef, tomato, caramelized onion, lettuce, cheese, chicken-bacon and egg (and a big side of fries). I've never been to New York and had a burger there, but taste-wise, this is now one of the better restaurant-type places in Colombo to get a delicious burger. 

These Canadian Poutine fries were described by a friend as 'a heart attack waiting to happen'. It's basically fries bathed in an obscene amount of cheese and gravy. For Rs. 400 the portion is pretty big and even two of us couldn't finish it. The fries were more potato-slices than crisp, but if you're in need of some utter unadulterated greasy comfort-food, this is it. 

The L.A. Kimchi Burrito, for Rs. 730, was my personal favourite. This was excellently made - the tortilla wrap itself was very soft, and was stuffed with very tender beef marinated with Korean kimchi. Kimchi seems to generally be a win in the fast-food world, if Rocket Burger's Bulgogi burger was any indication. 

The Streat360 Sundae is ingenious and we're now wondering why everyone doesn't try this at home. It's amazing but easy to make - a tall sundae glass of vanilla ice cream, mixed with crumbly bits of jaggery, milk toffee cubes, and a bit of chocolate sauce. It's a sugar explosion in the mouth, and a treat for people with a sweet-tooth. This cost only Rs. 250, as do some of the other desserts, which is pretty awesome considering dessert prices in coffee shops these days, let alone restaurants. 

Altogether we spent about Rs. 2500 for three dishes and a dessert. Good value for money. 


We haven't tried every bit of Streat360's menu, so we can't yet say if they do justice to different countries' street food cuisine (should try Arabic hummus and Mumbai vada pav next time to check). But judging by what we had, they serve a couple of very tasty dishes. It's a good place for a burger, and a great place to just relax and unwind with tea and dessert. 


Best to visit in the evenings - grab a milk toffee sundae and laze around in the garden.


66/3, Ward Place, Colombo 7


Go up Ward Place from the ODEL roundabout, past Cargills, Samsaung and Wijerama Mawatha - you'll find a by-lane on your right marked by the sign 'Streat360'. The restaurant is right at the end.


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