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Street Food Factory

Commercial Bank Car Park, Colombo 03

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Street Food Factory is the newest member of the slowly growing food truck scenario in Colombo.

Dotted along the coast of Marine Drive, food trucks are one of the newest aspects of the food/restaurant scenario in Colombo. And from what we can tell, they're pretty popular. 

While it technically isn't down Marine Drive, Street Food Factory is the newest member in Colombo's throng of food trucks. It's parked right next to Commercial Bank in Kollupitiya. We dropped in for a quick First Look. 

The Truck 

The common belief is that street food isn't hygienic, but Street Food Factory was supremely clean! You wouldn't be able to tell for sure till you climb up the steps and (subtly) look into the truck, which is exactly what we did. 

The Food 

The menu at the Street Food Factory is pretty basic. They have around 5- 10 burger options available along with soft drinks and fries. Unfortunately, they didn't have fries on the day we went but we did manage to snag one of their Cheesy Chicken Burgers (Rs. 520) and a Double Double (Rs. 690.)

Featured here is the Cheesy Chicken. We tried to take a picture of the inside but it seemed like a messy job, so this will have to suffice for now.

The bun itself a little sweet, super soft, while the chicken patty was tender to bite. In terms of flavor, it had a load of garlic infused into it, which sort of subdued the whole meaty flavors of the patty. With a good drizzle of ketchup and mayo, it was alright, but more cheese and less garlic would have made it a lot better.

Now for the Double Double (Rs. 690) with Beef. Two patties, an egg, and onion slices neatly stacked together, it had plenty of mayo and ketchup with cheese, and it was our favourite out of the two. While this burger isn't the biggest one in Colombo, but it was absolutely filling. If you do go to Street Food Factory, this is a good option you can try out. 

Service & Ambience

Street Food Factory was superb in terms of service. We got our food within like 5 minutes and the staff was quite nice - even to random people on the road who kept asking them who they were and if they had all sorts of food. :)

They don't have a seating area so you're gonna either have to eat your food on the pavement or take it home. We suggest sitting somewhere on the side of the road or even crossing to the other side and finding a rock somewhere along the coastline. The Marine Drive with the beach next to it is quite beautiful during the sunset if you want to enjoy a charismatic view while indulging in your burger. 


In conclusion, Street Food Factory is alright in terms of food, service, and cleanliness. While they do have room for much improvement, it definitely is worth checking out for, if you're around Kollupitiya and looking to grab a quick snack before you head home, or settling in for a night shift. 


Get the Double Double.


Commercial Bank Car Park, Colombo 03



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