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Sugar Beach

Mount Lavinia Beach, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

With delicious food, brilliant cocktails, great service and the sheer beauty of Mount Lavinia beach, Sugar Beach provides some of the best beachside dining experiences we've ever come across.

Sugar Beach is my new fave spot down Mount Lavinia beach now.

"Why?" You ask?

Because it makes me feel like I’m in a cozy beachside cafe down south, surrounded by beautiful palm dotted beaches, where tourists chill under the shade, and enjoy a glass of wine or sip a cup of coffee while overlooking the turquoise waters of the gorgeous Indian ocean.

Replacing the old La Voile Blanche, Sugar Beach is a well kept, beautiful restaurant on Mount Lavinia beach, that serves up some great food and powerful cocktails for a decent fare.


From salads and brunch, to pizza and other snacks, the food menu at Sugar Beach is pretty extensive - so you’ll have a lot to choose from. Their brunching hours are from 9am - 3pm, but if you want a pizza for breakfast, they’ll make it happen too.

The Big Breakfast (Rs. 1200) came heavily laden with two perfectly cooked sunny side-up eggs (you can choose how you want your eggs), sautéed spinach, mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes, hash brown, bacon and lingus sausages (beef/pork - we opted for the latter) on a multi-grain toast. It boasts an abundance of proteins and greens on a plate, and is quite reasonably priced considering the quality and the quantity at play.

All the meats were cooked well, the veggies were fresh, and sautéed adequately, while the hash brown was chunky, packed with flavor with a nice crispy bite to it. It’s a massive portion - so there’s plenty for two. But would you really want to share it with someone? Nah, I don’t think so!

Sugar Beach is quite popular for their wood-fired, thin crust pizza, which is why we ordered up this half Pepperoni Phony (Rs. 1600) and half Cheese Louise (Rs. 1400). The total price for a half-n-half here is calculated the same way anywhere else: the more expensive pizza is your price point. 

The crust was succulent and crispy. They're quite generous with the toppings too. If you’re a vegetarian, or a turophile (like me), Cheese Louise is definitely a safe bet. It’s more of a four cheese pizza, incorporated with mozzarella, burrata, gorgonzola and parmesan deliciously embedded on a thick and mildly spicy pomodoro sauce base. To kick it up a notch, try it with a drop or two of the chili oil. So good!

The Pepperoni Phony, as the name suggests was a pepperoni pizza. It was delicious, and each slice was loaded with soft, smoky, pepperoni on a generous layer of mozzarella. 

As for our dessert we got the Apple Pie (Rs. 650), which was! It’s definitely one of the best apple pies I’ve had. The crust was tender enough that it flakes in your mouth into buttery shards, and it wasn’t sog-out from the juicy, deliciously soury bits of apple that melt in our mouth.

The apple filling itself had a hint of cinnamon, which didn't overpower the stewed apple flavor. Paired with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, this is definitely worth every single cent you pay for it. 


We tried a couple of cocktails off their menu - Sugar 75 (Rs. 1400), and Daiquiri (Rs. 1600). 

*Pictured above: Daiquiri (left) and Sugar 75 (right)

Sugar 75, the signature cocktail of Sugar Beach is a brilliant drink concoction of gin, lime, sparkling wine and a seasonal twist. It tasted really good, with strong sour and fruity notes, slightly sweet but intensely fresh, with the fizz that comes from the sparkling wine.

They offer Daiquiri in many flavors, and we went with the Passion Fruit one. Involving the usual mix of rum and lime juice, along with freshly crushed passion fruit, this one was genuinely saccharine but surprisingly likeable. 

Service & Ambience

During our first look, we experienced a few minor issues with the service, but not this time. The waitstaff was well trained, very helpful and quick on their feet. With genuine smiles and friendliness all around, they made us feel welcome.

Despite of the massive number of customers in the restaurant on a Sunday morning, they were able to deliver our food and drinks within like 15 minutes. It's really nice to see how they've improved over time.

Sugar Beach has both indoor and outdoor dining, with neatly arranged wooden furniture, and cozy sunbathing chairs that spill out onto the beach. The outdoor section is a place where you can have a relaxed meal and watch a spot of sun, while dipping your toes into the golden sands of the beach.


With delicious food, brilliant cocktails, great service and the sheer beauty of Mount Lavinia beach, Sugar Beach provides some of the best beachside dining experiences we've ever come across. Drop by if you're ever in the area, or simply to enjoy a blissful beachside brunch this weekend - you will not regret it. 
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Pretty nice place. Food is good. Service could be a bit slow.





Pretty nice place. Food is good. Service could be a bit slow.

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