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Superfood Café

33, Macleod Road, Colombo 04

  • Open until 05:00 PM

Healthy food doesn't have to be boring and Superfood Café is proving it with its vibrant food delivered with a good playlist in a deco magazine kind of spot.

The last addition to the blossoming healthy food scene in Colombo hides inside the boutique hotel Villa Raha. 

Let's clarify one point before getting started. Don't expect to meet Hulk or Catwoman here or to leave the place flying or nimbly climbing the wall. Superfood isn't the superheroes' diet but a popular term in the healthy food industry referring to ingredients that are low in calories and high in nutrients. You can expect to see the words "chia", "kale" and "detox" more than once in the smart-looking menu though.

Healthy food skepticals don't run away! Healthy food doesn't only feature bland boiled veggies, steamed white meat and dried rice crackers anymore.

The menu includes the typical items expected from a café: English breakfast (with sausages and ham, that's right), eggs benedict, waffle, French toast, granola, sandwiches, smoked salmon bagel and "Buddha Bowls" that they've renamed "Lunch Bowls", avoiding any religious confusion. Those pretty much consist of filling up a bowl with colourful and healthy ingredients. It's one of the latest trends in healthy food - because yes, Superfood Café is a bit of a hipster place. 

Food & Drink

But let's just forget about the healthiness and hype for now and let's try the food.

This is the small portion of the Tuna Protein Bowl (Rs. 890), which was the perfect amount of food for me. It leaves you satisfied without feeling stuffed. The beauty of healthy food! Large ones, that can be shared between 2 and are priced at Rs. 1190, sound like a good deal. 

The bowl comes packed with medium rare tuna steak along with fresh capsicum, green lentils, roasted zucchinis, fresh tomatoes, turmeric roasted sweet potatoes, soy sprouts, hummus aka their Signature Chickpea Sauce and a whole lot of fresh herbs.

While some ingredients may taste a bit bland on their own - like the lentils or the tomatoes - when it's all mixed together, it's the bomb. Don't forget to take a picture before mixing everything up Insta fanatics, it won't look as Instagrammable afterwards. 

But let's get back to the bowl. I have 3 awards to give away here. First one goes to the medium rare tuna steak which was cooked perfectly and just melt in the mouth. No need for a knife, really. Second one is for the Chickpea Sauce that is subtlety spiced and really uplifted the dish. And last but not least, the third award goes to the copious amount of fresh coriander, Thai basil and underrated and underrepresented dill. It gave the dish this extra freshness and flavour that reminded me of beloved Vietnamese cuisine. NB: it probably doesn't make the safest option if you're going there on a date and count a lot on your smile. 

On this hot sunny day, The Detox juice (Rs. 300) was the drink I needed. The balance between cucumber, apple and celery was on point. The drink wasn't too sweet nor "savoury" and very refreshing, definitely one of the best options to cool down.


The place is quaint with 6 tables, a massive tree trunk, a swing, orchids and suspensions hanging from the glass roof. Cleverly mixing Nordic design with tropical influence, Superfood Café looks straight out of an Elle Decoration magazine. 

Set in Villa Raha's front yard, Superfood Café benefits from the elegant design and holiday vibes of the boutique hotel, which makes it a pleasant spot for an open-air lunch or breakfast. Outdoor lovers and A/C haters, this is a new place to add on your list.

I'd also like to give them a shout out for the awesome music background, played at the right decibel level. If I need one reason to go back, this could be one.


Service is attentive and efficient. The guy serving us, who I believe is the owner, was happy to give recommendation and eager to hear customers' comments and feedback, which is always a good sign. 

While the decoration and location may seem fancy and showy, the friendly service will make you feel at ease here.


Brilliant start for Superfood Café. It hasn't even been a week that it's opened and it seems very much under control. Food and drinks are on point. The place and atmosphere are charming. These guys have even nailed up the table water, nicely flavoured with celery and lemon. Expectations are high for our next visit.


They serve breakfast all day! Oh yeah!


33, Macleod Road, Colombo 04


Located in Villa Raha's front yard


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Open until 05:00 PM



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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Salad Healthy

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Ruta Ba

Lovely place with lovely clean food which tastes superb! Vegan and vegetarian friendly.




Ruta Ba

Lovely place with lovely clean food which tastes superb! Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

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