Sushi Kai (Thalawathugoda)

481, Thalawathugoda road, Madiwela

Sushi Kai now has a new branch in Madiwela.

One of the oldest members of Japanese fare in the city, Sushi Kai recently branched out to Thalawathugoda. This is probably the best news of 2020 for me because it's located within walking distance from my place. Hooray!

Food & Drinks

First up, we tried the Kai House Bento (Rs. 2000) - an assortment of three kinds of Sashimi (Tuna, White Fish and Salmon), four pieces of Nigiri (Prawns, White Fish, Salmon and Tuna), three pieces of Veg Hosomaki, three pieces of Cucumber & Tuna Maki, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger and veggies.

Considering the quality and quantity at play, it was good value for money.

The nigiri was well done, with wonderfully sticky rice that had the perfect consistency, while the seafood draped over them was absolutely fresh.
A good amount of crunchy veggies, tucked inside a neat roll of sticky rice and drizzled with a tangy sauce and a sprinkled with tempura batter, the Hosomaki was a wonderful ensemble of flavours and texture. The crunch added by the tempura batter was really something, and the sauce certainly elevated the overall taste.

The flavour and presentation of the Maki were on point too. Truly reflects their excellent knifemanship.

Sushi Kai does a good Chicken Katsu (Rs. 1250). The batter was slightly crispy, and the chicken was juicy as hell, while the overall flavour mingled between oniony and eggy flavours. I'd have preferred a little less onion and egg here, but my dinner-partner didn't seem to mind it.

As for dessert, we tried the Tempura Fried Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 650) served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It's a warm, gooey, rich brownie with an extra crispy shell, which didn't interrupt its chocolaty notes. Incredible!

The Kai Glass (Rs. 400) is a concoction of ginger and lemongrass. While we enjoyed the lemongrass-y hint, the ginger punch was a tad too much. Stay away if you're prone to gastritis.

Ambience & Service

Sushi Kai occupies the space where Spinner used to be. The interior and seating arrangement is almost similar to their first branch, but has a more vibrant touch to it. 

In terms of service, it was superb. The staff was welcoming, helpful and seemed eager to serve us.


While we're not happy about the sudden demise of Spinner, it's always a pleasure to see one of our favourite Japanese picks in the city is branching out to suburbs. Try them out if you're around.


481, Thalawathugoda road, Madiwela


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