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Swingz Kitchen

Jambugasmulla Mawatha, Nugegoda

A home cook that do burgers and a healthier take on fried chicken.

Swingz is a home-based chef, located in Nugegoda that serves up chicken-centric food prepared in a healthy manner. Upon inquiry, we were told that their method of cooking is air frying.

Everything they have is freshly made, and you can either get it delivered or picked up from their home-base. 


Their online menu is divided into four categories: wingz, lollipopz, stickz, and pocketz - their term for deboned chicken wings. All these come in a variety of flavours. On top of this, they also have a selection of burgers, sauces to match your meals with - salad, French fries, and potato wedges. 

on the left, Jamaican Jerk wingz; on the right, Terriyaki lollipopz

Under the wingz category, we choose the 10 pack Jamaican Jerk (Rs.600). Here, the drumette and wingette are separated from each other so basically, it’s five whole chicken wings cut into two. Flavour-wise, this carried a lot of pepperiness but not overwhelmingly so.

The meat was succulent and tasty as it boasted a lot of spices. Adequately marinated, there was never a bland bite. Since this was baked and not fried, there wasn’t much crunch present on the skin but it wasn’t such an issue. 

For the lollipopz, we got the 10 pack Teriyaki (Rs. 800). Unlike the wings, the flavours here were not that in-depth. The soy taste here was dominant here, so the expected sweetness and the flavours of teriyaki didn't quite come through. Although not as juicy as the wings, the meat was cooked nicely. With a bit of tweaking, this can easily be improved. 

*pictured above, Satay stickz and on the left with Coco Peanut sauce.

From their stickz selection, we opted to get the 5 pack Satay (Rs.700). Expecting something Indonesian, we were quite let down. But, flavour-wise, even without the authentic taste to it, their Sri Lankanised take on it was actually good. 

The distinct flavours present here are turmeric and lemongrass which gave off a refreshing lemony kick to it. Since they used chicken breast, it was a tad too dry which was unfortunate. 

To accompany our packs of chicken, we ordered two sauces - Coco Peanut (Rs. 120) and Sweet Chillie (Rs. 150).

We specifically chose and recommended the Coco Peanut to accompany the Satay. However, this fell on being Sri Lankanised since it tasted more like curry. While there was a bit of peanut in the mix, the whole thing felt a tad oily to our taste. Keeping that aside, it was a good sauce that complemented the satay stickz well as it added a layer of flavour and the much-wanted moisture to it.

As for the Sweet Chillie Sauce, there wasn’t really much of a surprise here since it tasted the way one would expect it to be. It landed on the better spectrum of sauces, and the bits of garlic here was a nice addition.

We wanted to sample out their burgers and we chose to try out their Spicy Chicken Burger (Rs. 550). The sesame bun looked stale but after a bite of it, the juiciness provided by the patty and the veggies tucked inside it added enough moisture. The patty they used here was on the pasty side and overly seasoned, so there wasn't much in terms of meaty flavours. On the other hand, for a spicy chicken burger, there was not a lot of spiciness present here.


We commend Swingz for providing a healthy alternative to satisfy those sinful food cravings without compensating on flavours.

Although they have room for improvement, we look forward to grabbing more chicken-y food from them.

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