Tang Dynasty

75, Dickmans Road, Colombo 05

Tang Dynasty used to be one of the most authentic Chinese restos we've been to. The interior is cosy, easy on the eyes and the food is good too.




Dinner - Dynasty
One of my best discoveries for authentic Chinese food. The food was excellent and lived up to all expectations of traditional Chinese.
For all those critics complaing about Chili Paste, Soy Sauce etc - those are components that are NOT NEEDED and is not part of traditional chinese food. All it does is cover up for the lack of taste!
Tang Dynasty does not need distractions for its food. Each dish comes with its own unique flavour. Excellent, top class authentic chinese cuisine. Chef please take a bow.
The bringing of food also works like traditional Chinese each dish coming seperately.
Super ambience. Large crowds go upstairs for private dining which preserves the ambience downstairs for smaller parties.
Price - about 15% more than a typical meal at moon river.
All the staff were really pleasant and helpful. However as with all new restaurants they are still fine tuning the processes. Also lack of English knowledge BUT it all adds up to give the ambience of an authentic Chinese restaurant. And quite frankly they are minor short comings and is a small price to pay for having such great food.
Recommendations :
If you want all your food at once tell the staff and they will accommodate it to the best of their ability. By default traditional chinese serving method of one dish will be followed.
If you are looking for 'Sri Lankan Chinese' this is not the place for you.
All moon river fans - do try this place out! Completely different an I'm sure you will love it.
The Chinese tea can be a bit more stonger. And the phone operators should know English.
But again: excellent food. I usually never give a 5/5 but Tang Dynasty deserves it. KUDOS!


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75, Dickmans Road, Colombo 05


It's on Dickman's Road, right before the De Fonseka Road turn-off (when coming from Havelock Road).