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Terminal 20

1B, Crezcat Food Court, 89 Galle Rd, Colombo 03

Terminal 20 is probably the most interesting food court stall we've come across.

Terminal 20 is a bit tucked away in a corner of Crescat Food Court. They aim to offer something different, without being yet another food court stall with oily, MSG-full stuff. Even if we are not necessarily the biggest fans of the bustling food courts, we were excited to pop in here and try them out. 


They have an extensive menu comprised of noodles, fried rice, macaroni and some hot/ cold beverages.

We wanted to try their Mac n’ Cheese with Peri Peri Chicken but it wasn’t available at the time, so we went with the Mac n’ Cheese paired with Black Pepper Chicken (Rs. 550).

We were served a hefty portion of macaroni with two chicken drumsticks soaked in a black pepper gravy. The macaroni was cooked right, had a good texture without being soggy. While the creamy taste was there, they really should have bummed up the cheesiness a bit.

Both of the chicken legs were cooked all the way to the bone and easily fell apart. Mixing the black pepper sauce certainly spiked up the flavour, but not as much as we’d like. The gravy could be a bit thicker than this and could have had a tad stronger peppery kick. All in all, it was done well, but certainly could have improved if the aforementioned things are adjusted.

We also tried a plate of Fish n Chips (Rs. 600), which came with the sides of tartar sauce, coleslaw salad and French fries. The fish was the real star of the show here, with that almost creamy, well-cooked flesh giving off an excellent taste. The batter was light, so it didn’t interrupt the fishy flavours, but improved it a lot. The only downer was that it looked like it had been refried, and not freshly made. 


Now this part, we enjoyed very much.

Hot Choco on the left and Dino Milo on the right

We got ourselves a Dinosaur Milo (Rs. 350) and a Hot Chocolate with Marshmellow (Rs. 380). Both of them blew us away.

Dino Milo managed to exceed our expectation by simply nailing its mixture - absolutely milo-ey, had a good thickness and incredibly creamy. You can mix up the spoonfuls of Milo they put on top for extra flavour. However, it had lost the refreshing quality. A few cubes of ice should’ve done the trick. But overall, we loved this. This is our second favourite Milo Dino in town now (the first one is, of course, Isso).

The Hot Choco was loaded with chocolate, while keeping the rich milky flavour intact with sugar at the perfect levels. The marshmallow added a playful bite to it. Definitely recommended.


You’ve got yourself the usual food court procedure here. We encountered no problems with the order and the staff was polite and helpful. They explained their menu to us and even asked for feedback if we have any.


They were good for value for the money and the flavours were executed well, too. Especially the drinks were nothing short of excellent. We can easily recommend Terminal 20 to fill you up or for a light-hearted snack if you are around.


1B, Crezcat Food Court, 89 Galle Rd, Colombo 03



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This place has closed down


Western Fusion

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Pasta Beverages Coffee Iced Coffee

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