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TGI Friday's

Bank Of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1

It's always Friday in here.




I'm fed up with the negativity of some of these reviews. I'll tell you truthfully….we go regularly to TGIFriday's. We love going to the quiz on Tuesday nights, very clever people in the teams, professors, lecturers, barristers, Doctors of medicine as well as PhD etc., and it's nice that more teams are coming along and joining in. The prizes are generous with a voucher for 10,000/- as 1st prize and 5,000/- 2nd place with 2,500/- for 3rd; you can use it on your next visit.
The drinks are very good value, as nobody has previously mentioned that they have a Happy 'Hour' which runs from 5.00pm until 9.00pm - buy one, get one free, that's very generous! The staff are all very pleasant and helpful, even after they had a setback where most of their early trained staff left to newly opened hotels and bars in Colombo, but that's the nature of the beast in the hospitality trade, it's very hard to keep good staff as they like to 'jump'.
The food is of excellent quality, with the meats all brought in from abroad so naturally you expect to pay more. I particularly think the 'Bites' menu is very good value. The '3 for all' is great to share with mates over a few drinks as well as the sesame coated chicken strips with JD sauce.
The quiz master, Ashan, has some amazing plans up his sleeve for making TGIF The place to go to for fun in the forth-coming months. During the World Cup they had superb offers and it all helped to make it worth going there. The manager is very helpful and keen to see his guests enjoying themselves.
You must remember, the Old Dutch hospital area has really been created as a 'tourist feature' and you will always find the eateries and bars in these kind of places will always be a bit more expensive than your khotu stalls and arrack bars. You pay for the ambience and style. it will be the same with the new Arcade at Independence Square and the restaurants.
Have no doubt that I have frequented TGIF's in the UK, USA, Beijing, Cairo, S'pore & KL on a regular basis and will have no problem bringing visiting guests to enjoy what is on offer at TGIF's Colombo! My words are…'Keep going, you're doing fine'!

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Bank Of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1


It's next to Dutch Hospital and across from the World Trade Center. Continue on Galle Road till it basically ends and head towards the largest buildings. You can also access from York Street via Slave Island. There's a parking lot round back.



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