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Thai Heritage Food Truck

383 Colombo - Horana Rd, Colombo 05

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Parked down Havelock Road, Thai Heritage Food Truck is a place that you can grab some good Thai fare sitting under the shade.

Stringing on the lines of Colombo's food trucks, Thai Heritage Food Truck is parked down Havelock Road, in close proximity to Havelock Bo Tree junction. From what we gathered, it's a venture launched and managed by the popular Heritage Hotel - Anuradhapura. 


We dropped in around 2.55 pm, which is almost the time they're done with their lunch servings - but one look at our hungry faces, they were kind enough to make a last call. 

For our starters, we ordered a portion of their Fried Chicken Wings, the chicken spring rolls weren't available. Clocking in at Rs. 550, you get three meaty chicken wings here, all wrapped in an extremely thin layer of well-seasoned batter and deep-fried to perfection. The meat was tender and easily fell off the bone. However, the sauce on the side was the real winner. It had the proper balance between sweet and sour elements and a subtle spiciness, which enhanced the overall flavor of the wings. 

Featured here is the Chicken Pad Thai (Rs. 750). The Pad Thai we tried at Krua Thai by Dao is still a favorite of mine, but this came in a close second. With flavors of peanut sauce and chicken stock popping through, there was plentiful supply of boiled, well-marinated chicken pieces, enough to chomp away with every forkful. The noodles were adequately cooked and had a sprinkle of spring onions as well. 

On the side, you can see a generous serving of peanut butter powder, chili flakes, and a lime slice if you want this to be more peanutty, spicy or a bit of citrusy. 

Aside from being a tad too chewy for our liking, the Basil Beef (Rs. 850) certainly impressed us. It came in a hearty gravy that boasted the significant peppery and minty flavors of basil, and also had a tinge of sourness to it. Bite on that red and green chilis on top, if you want this to be spicier. 

Paired with some Steamed Rice (Rs. 130), two can easily indulge in this beef potion. 

Service & Ambience

This photo was taken after hours. Veering off from the normal food carts, here they have good seating space arranged right next to it, which is with a couple of massive trees and umbrellas. It has enough space to accommodate around 20 customers at a time. It's an open dining area located at the edge of Havelock Road, so expect it to have a bit of noise and heat while you're here. After all, it's a food truck, so you can't really be very nitpicky on the atmosphere. 

This place is managed by a sweet lady from Thailand, and a couple of local staff members who are efficient, helpful and friendly. We got our food within 10 minutes. 


All in all, our experience at the Thai Heritage Food Truck was a good one. It might not be the most pocket-friendly food truck out there, but it wouldn't hurt to spend a few more bucks for some great, generous servings of Thai food which will properly fill you up. 


Pad Thai is the bomb!


383 Colombo - Horana Rd, Colombo 05



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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Noodles Fried Rice Beef Chicken Fried Chicken

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