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The Bakery at the Edge (Waters Edge)

316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla

Colombo's only drive-through bakery. They've got good ice cream and amazing chocolate fudge cake.

Known as the only drive-through bakery in Colombo, The Bakery at the Edge is a good place to satisfy your daily needs of quick eats - you don't even have to get out of your car for it. 
We've been pleased with our previous experiences, and it wasn't any different this time either. 


From breakfast pastries and short eats to cakes and freshly made sandwiches, the spread here is quite impressive, and surprisingly not very expensive. So we went ahead and ordered a bunch of stuff. 

We've had our fair share of mutton rolls in town. Once, we did a taste-off, just to taste almost all the mutton rolls we could find. A bite from this Mutton Roll (Rs. 150) here made us realise why we should redo our mutton roll taste-off because we have a new contestant! 

With equal amounts of well-seasoned minced mutton and potato, this mutton roll was encased in a crispy crust which didn't interrupt the curry flavours in its filling. We like it, and encourage you to get it. 

This plate features a Blueberry Muffin (Rs. 250), Egg & Bacon Puff (Rs. 150), and a Raisin Danish (Rs. 350). 
Let me start with the sweet side of things - the Blueberry Muffin. Light, spongy and moist, it had blobs of blueberry embedded. A little more of that would have made this even more interesting. 
Presenting a light glaze, a dusting of icing sugar, and lots and lots of raisins, the Raisin Danish was a little sticky from the outside, while the inside was all fluff. With a beautiful crisp, it flaked off to pieces so beautifully.
Finding an Egg & Bacon Puff with actual bacon in it, brings joy to any sensible Sri Lankan. Layers and layers of puffy buttery goodness, nicely packed with generous amounts of chopped bacon and bits of an egg is what you'd find here. At Rs. 150, it's quite the steal. 

We also get ourselves a Roast Chicken Sandwich (Rs. 550). They have a number of bread and fillings available, and you can get it customised as you like. Our pick was the brown bread. 

The Bread Company is my saving grace when it comes to having a guilt-free loaf of brown bread, but the one we encountered at The Bakery was superb too. They had it toasted well, which gives off a nice crunch to bite. 

The filling, however, could improve. We hardly got the flavours of roast chicken, but it had a quite a bit of egg, cheese, and onions, while the pieces of tomato lent a little tang. 


The drinks section at The Bakery includes milkshakes, coffee, tea and juices. We went with a glass of Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 350) and a Cappuccino (Rs. 270). 

Easy to make, but hardly done right - the milkshakes are a confusion to a lot of restaurants. However, The Bakery at the Edge does a decent glass of that. The milk-to-chocolate ice cream ratio was on point, and it helps cool down things - especially during this scorching Lankan heat. 

We couldn't quite get the specific details of their coffee as we were distracted by something else (more on that later). Anyway, it had a good punch from coffee, that's emerging through the fluffy cloud of milk. 

Service & Ambience

Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the ambience of this place. Given the current situation, taking pictures - food or otherwise is highly prohibited, especially if you are using a DSLR. In the end, we had to let go of our anonymity as YAMU staff to explain why we were taking pictures of the food from a DSLR. Probably not the most pleasant experience to go through in an early morning, but understandable, considering the prevailing situation in Sri Lanka. 

You could be from the press, an influencer or a normal customer - these rules and regulations apply to all. However, we were told that it won't be an issue if we are taking pictures from a phone.

This place gets quite a bit of natural light through its giant glass windows. They've got a bunch of cushion chairs to keep you comfortable. Calm, and cosy, it's a place for you to enjoy a snack or two in a peaceful ambience. 

The staff was prompt, friendly and helpful. Our food and drinks were served within like 5 - 10 minutes. 


It's a quality experience we had here. The food was quite good, the drinks were decent, and truly worthy for the money you pay for it.



Go for the cakes and ice creams.


316, Ethul Kotte Road, Battaramulla


Turn into Polduwa Road around Diyatha Uyana, and head left into the Waters Edge drive way. The Bakery drive-through is just a little ways in, on your right.


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